Brown + Burnt Orange Fall Smokey Eye Tutorial Featuring Kat Von D’s “Ladybird” Palette Posted by admin on October 16th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

Hi fwiends! I’ve been meaning to get this tutorial up for over 2 weeks now but have been putting it off because I’ve been swamped with work. Here it is at la…

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25 Responses to “Brown + Burnt Orange Fall Smokey Eye Tutorial Featuring Kat Von D’s “Ladybird” Palette”

  1. KkheartsMaK

    I hate commenting like this even though i don’t? consider it spamming i know some people do but i just wanna say that with video responses gone im using this as a form of getting my channel out there. I was wondering if you could watch my more recent video and give your opinion or sub it would mean the absolute world to me.

  2. LA2country

    Oooookayyyy,? what color is on your nails??? P.S. I always love your videos!

  3. bryna grenier

    Love? it….

  4. Kekanunu

    Love this look and yes I watched walking dead! What is? the deal with all those zombies trapped on the roof?!

  5. MyNada12

    ????? ???????????? ??? ???????? ???? ??? ???? ?????? ????? ????????

  6. Sophia Wu

    love it.?

  7. 27chriii27

    you have the most? beautiful blue eyes ive ever seen

  8. jassminmariela

    The orange contrasts so? well with your blue eyes, makes them pop!

  9. Zora Lara

    I love it!!!?

  10. Susyolivo

    Was that a limited edition palette? I went on sephora website and I can not find it :(? please help!!

  11. Rochelle Mace

    I know you probably get many comments asking this but i would love if you could check out my HALLOWEEN PINUP DOLL makeup tutorial.? You are one of my biggest inspirations love x

  12. MrsSomthinSick

    Yessss more Fall looks pleaseee!? And OMFG. The Walking Dead was bananas. Can’t freaking wait until next week!!!! 😀

  13. Makattak567

    More fall videos pls :) Walking Dead? was SO awesome!!! I can’t wait for the next episode 😀

  14. Tia Whitney

    and yes!!! the? walking dead was insane! did you see the talking dead? the director or writer i can’t remember his title, was on there and was saying that the season only gets worse!! like as in more intense and that is as safe they will ever be in that one episode…eeekkkk i’m so excited!! and that freaking weird lady in the woods…..CREEPY!!!

  15. Tia Whitney


  16. Lorena Cardenasflores

    Lol that good? what foundation did you use on ur face a yes I watched the marathon! !!

  17. Rachel Selby

    Have ya ever seen the show lost? You seem to remind me of? Juliet. Your gorgeous btw 😉

  18. Jennifer Rangel

    Yes I watched the walking dead! I can’t believe how much has changed in the? prison ! So excited for next weeks episode.

  19. Solorio, Melanie

    more fall looks yes!?

  20. Patricia Mayen

    Love this look ! I was always to scared to use the color orange but looks great ! OMG THE WALKING DEAD? ! ps I feel bad for that pig that died and love all the guts and blood this season !

  21. Lynn Llanza

    Can you do more tutorials with any other popular palletes? And, still can’t find Wet n Wild Brûlee…have you restocked on that? If so, where did you buy it??

  22. henry schweitzer

    Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. Best shows? ever!!

  23. Kat Lam

    I’m sooooo glad you did a tutorial with this palette! I hope? you do more!! xoxo

  24. Briana Lively

    Gorgeous as always. You? never let me down. :)

  25. cgray12892

    This look is gorgeous!? Thanks for the tutorial :)

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