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This week on RuPaul Drives… RuPaul picks up the tattooed beauty Kat Von D. While they drive to Kat’s shop, they discuss the million dollar topic: Relations…

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25 Responses to “RuPaul Drives…Kat Von D”

  1. mrskatiekessler

    Ru Paul, I love you for what your doing for the world. The perspective? you bring heals the world. I wish I could work with you.

  2. Javier Orduño

    The volume? is so low.

  3. Nick Weston

    is this interview pre recorded, wasn’t she with? deadmau5?

  4. Joshima M

    She is a great person, but she is a horrible ” professional ” when it comes to tattoos. She has mad? skills, but when it comes to appointments or professionalism, the girl has none

  5. Moe6of9MoeTown

    I would GAG to have her as a guest? judge <3

  6. andiamo24

    a few years ago i saw her on Miami Ink Show on tv. i gets in touch with her on myspace(does anybody remember?) :-) she answered me and we have had a few nice conversations online. she found out about my address and she sent me a king size picture with an very personal dedication. i was so surprised! she is one very kind person with a big heart on the right place. i? am really thankful that i got the chance to get a look behind the person. i really adore her?

  7. Lyric Poet

    I love Kat. Pleasantly surprised to see her? on here!

  8. Joey Orange

    I love this web series on? this channel! :)

  9. Bernardo Oliveira


  10. barbi6976x

    She has a? great artistic ability but her personality and masculine look are a turn off.

  11. Jason Green

    Hoq can she be upset she was cheated on? She knew Jesse was married? to Sandra Bullock.

  12. Aaron Orellana

    Their? voices are muffled :(

  13. Snutih

    I don’t know who she is and I couldn’t hear what she said.?

  14. Fredde jpg

    no one is disputing that? TLC just? gave her a name. We’re talkin about after the fact. but whatever

  15. ShakinJamacian

    I swear,? RuPaul has his motherfuckin’ fingertip on truth. Everything this man says often seems like it comes from a place of genuine wisdom. He’s clearly one of the smartest “famous” people.

  16. ZakkAttakks

    Omg when did Kat? and Joel split?

  17. reburial

    Damn, can’t hear shit??

  18. JoeCripps1

    Yes! My two favorite people finally? in a video together !! <3

  19. exquared

    She is very mature and sweet.?

  20. Melanie MulHolland

    She’s a real sweetheart,? you can tell it in her eyes.

  21. Buddi XY

    Love this series. RuPaul has such an amazing understanding of life and pop culture?

  22. Foxy214

    two badasses in their fields? <3

  23. Foxy214

    she heard that Miami Ink was looking for a girl tattoo artist… she did NOT? want a shitty, but hot, girl to be representing female tattooers so she jumped on that opportunity. She had been tattooing for 9 years before TLC blew her up.

  24. Blather and Bosh

    Great interview. Love Kat and good to see she’s got her stuff together. I’d love to get? a tat from her someday.

  25. lebenankh

    My favorite part of these videos is how people can’t figure out the door handle.? My first car was a 70s Volvo and I laughed -every- -time- that happened to my friends I was giving rides to.

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