Aubry Fisher ( LA INK ) Posted by admin on October 14th, 2013 | Comments (23) | with an exclusive interview with Aubry Fisher of LA INK.

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23 Responses to “Aubry Fisher ( LA INK )”

  1. lumyn

    They just started showing this crap in my? country. Do you think her boyfriend takes a saddle with him to bed? Maybe he gives her a carrot afterwards.

  2. HellaSweetStacks

    her teeth are? busted, her skin looks like leather, and she’s dumb as a brick. how she held on to that job for so long is a mystery

  3. Parrotluver2

    isn’t that something Aubry came to L.A? ink and prooved that blonde bimbo’s do really exist lmafo and now she is famous with all kinds of deals in the works and she sure looks different Here I
    I wanted her as a pet ? LOL

  4. Brandon Muller

    The? show is so fake

  5. ohemgeeveee

    this horse looking bitch needs to? get some braces.

  6. Alejandra Rodriguez

    Dude, This broad is a complete Idiot! She came into my job & didnt know what a quart of paint was sheen or what kind of BLACK she needed 0_0.. I just shook my head, her eyes where fucken creepy…I tried to explain everything to her and She started talking shit with her boy toy in front of me, I asked if she had an issue..she shut up (played dumb)I loved my gig but this bitch was just SO STUPID and a fucken DOUCHE BAG to everyone! even old folks! so I was seriously? contemplating her beatdown

  7. King iz' Back

    you’re goddam right she is…smack her? teeth straight.

  8. Emmanuel Ivanov

    how much do you? love boys?

  9. swaapo

    show aubry taking a big stinky shit… then throw it into the crowd..? shes a first class idiot

  10. Ally Rox

    this chick is such a fucking douche ?

  11. Nikita DeLonge

    Kat shouldav just killed her!?

  12. Emmanuel Ivanov

    you dont like men either, you like boys?

  13. kate08nx3breaks

    haha she dose i would know? you see a lot of crack addicted pigeons roaming NYC

  14. paperandtea

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah aha possibly the funniest thing ive herd in ages,a rat on heroin ha ha love it yea she does? and also a crack addicted pigeon

  15. Joseph Boatfield


  16. Xenia Kennedy

    she had plastic surgery to make her? nose smaller

  17. DragonFly122

    She? looks like Tammi Faye.

  18. iRHAPEzombiies

    she’s? retarded.

  19. pendock6

    so happy shes fired ?

  20. kate08nx3breaks

    she? looks like a rat on heroin

  21. rainbowvalleyaz

    she looks drunk!!?

  22. Maximilian Jensen-Langdon

    what an ugly stupid bitch, she is the stereotype of all blonde, amercians? that ruin our society

  23. Liz VanPsycho

    she is so stupid! And fucking ugly, too!

    uuaaahhh i can´t see her anymore!!!! fake, stupid and? bitchy!

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