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LA INK & MIAMI INK (Travel & Living)

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20 Responses to “LA INK & MIAMI INK (Travel & Living)”

  1. Elmasterjudio

    wats this songs? name????plz answer

  2. Dejana Djuricin


  3. PowerPoint91

    LA ink and MIAMI ink everyday on Travel? n Living! <3

  4. MIlivoje Milovanovic

    @melusine1cadsr i khow now :D?

  5. Aleksandar Markovi?

    I? like new intro 😀

  6. MIlivoje Milovanovic

    ? PA DA JAAAAaAAA =))))))

  7. Kareem Eweis

    Dannii Minogue Put The Needle On It (Cicada? Vocal Mix Edit)

  8. lagnes89

    What’s the song name??

  9. 01TheSK

    hi this song is called Put the Needle on It-Dannii Minogue
    when I heard the music in this post I realy love it but the full song is not so good in? my opinion:s

  10. nemanjayeah

    i ja ih obozavam…..posebno? L.A. ink i Kat Von D!!!!!

  11. Kivi22i

    Znaci ne verujem? da u srbijei neko jos sem meno obozava Kat Von D i LA INK I MIAMI INK..

  12. DzigiHarmonikas

    Hvala? za pesmu! :)

  13. Le Ters

    bicu ti jaaako zahvalna?

  14. Uros Todorovic

    Ni ja nigde ne mogu na nadjem…….ali obavezno cu ti javiti ako? pronadjem! :DDD

  15. Le Ters

    ima? li igdje ova ko reklama sta li je sa tom pjesmom,puno mi je bolja

  16. Uros Todorovic

    Black Eyed Peas-i gotta felling!(But they used? the real version, they are a lot of re-mixes not the internet! KaT Von D zakon! xD

  17. Uros Todorovic

    HAh…i`m just watching? la ink on DISCOVERY`S Travel & Living! And they removed the subtitle! It`s awesome!I love it!:D lol

  18. MIlivoje Milovanovic

    i? didn’t know…thanks…..;))))))

  19. Teresa .Calado

    Don’t you know that?! O.o It’s one? of the most famous songs of the moment!… I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas

  20. MIlivoje Milovanovic

    did you see the new reclame,one? with the lyrics:”monday.tuesday,wednesday and thursday….”??????????
    if somebody knows thats song’s name tell meeee!!!!:))))) :PPPPP

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