Dane Burman & Mike Gilbert: Cold War, Alpha Males & Kat Von D! Weekend Buzz ep. 81 pt. 2 Posted by admin on October 12th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

Weekend Buzz: Every Friday on Ride Channel- This week, in part 2 of 2, Dane Burman and Mike Gilbert discuss alpha males, going pro, being an asshole, Zero’s…

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25 Responses to “Dane Burman & Mike Gilbert: Cold War, Alpha Males & Kat Von D! Weekend Buzz ep. 81 pt. 2”

  1. livescum

    You’re a fucking? idiot

  2. sodajr

    Erica is? the best!

  3. Gary Sims

    the end of this was? so bad wow

  4. Gary Sims

    that guy cant hardflip the? berg.

  5. Jason Lam

    haha? love this one

  6. bokanovskyprocess

    talk about strange? days

  7. Sam Emsley


  8. Random Soul

    Use repcode RAZOR10 for 20% off Karmaloop and? 10% off PLNDR :)

  9. Alex Nicholas

    Kevin Bradley and Nakel Smith on the next one ! That episode? would be insane !

  10. portlandplaceNL

    lee is too? funny

  11. pokej714

    Goddamn this one had me cracking up one of? the best episodes!

  12. Ash Ketchum

    I second this motion!?

  13. wendelsergio

    Erica at the end ! Epic.! We? female hero 😀

  14. Trevor Barnes

    Erica? looks good in this

  15. AwkwardSkaterPJ

    The video? name puns killed me hahahaha that was awesome

  16. MrLurkin4life


  17. andre schaefer

    Get the brazilians on and their? histories in the US! Bob, Ueda, Fabrizio, Nilton, etc…

  18. deezy hoe

    i like? how there is always beer bottles everywhere

  19. Marcus Howell

    Get Nakel Smith on the show!?

  20. Mazzodude

    already? was horrible episode.

  21. joeheshy

    dane fucked kat von d with a half chub for an hour. god? damn boy, ya blew it.

  22. izzybusybones


  23. Kyle Dorbu

    Better without Brink?

  24. Sean Casey

    Manny Santiago? should be own this!

  25. Michael Sheridan

    Erica said my name!!! Jizz?

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