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Subscribe – Comment- Like PLEASE!!!! :o) Hey Little Bunnies, Hope you enjoyed my Review, and hope i answered mostly about the product :o) i love you all sooo…

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25 Responses to “Review Kat Von D Lip Stain & GiveAway”

  1. Jayy Von Dash

    I have the Jeffree one, but? I really want to try this red its soo beautiful I’m a HUGE fan of matte red 3

  2. mrsbunnies

    I used oil? based makeup remover and if its quick wear, where the lip stain is fresh I use oil based makeup remover and lip exfoliant. :) hope that helps :)

  3. SALEISHA1982

    how do you remove the stain? i have backyard bambi and had the darndest time getting it off even with a makeup remover wipe that was after i was in an olive garden restaurant tryint to remove it with soap and cocoa butter lotion lol it wouldnt come off

  4. DBeetleeater Doug

    * huge not hugs in last comment, I can’t spill. continued here, 2 weeks later I am reading what I had wrote to you and struggling to remember omg; did I? really write that, use to be it would all come back to me, but now… sigh. So rewatching what I had already watched and need to scroll down to see, hey, I posted a comment so this is a repeat… just sharing with you mrsbunnies my adventures on your channel. I so enjoy it :) tyvm for being you and letting me hop around here.

  5. DBeetleeater Doug

    As a guy, I don’t have a lot of need for makeup :)? and even though we little bunnies love you; us male munchkins don’t have a lot to respond too. question though, do you collagen your lips because they are hugs in this video. Or; guess, that is the make up doing it’s job. It looks good on you or you make it look good because of your natural beauty. on another note: I have to scroll down and see if I posted on your video or not lol I have no memory and 2 weeks later I am ; cont.

  6. Alicia Alvarado

    You look gorgeous in this? video!(:

  7. CeliaG6

    you already know? this but i am in love with Kat’s lip stain!! <3

  8. TattedCreoleGoddess

    OMG ur so.cute! Love the review …check my channel out when u have? time! 😉 I love the lipstain

  9. disneylovexoxo

    i think you look gorgeous!! 😀 I love lip stains and Kat Von D’s makeup line has? always looked so awesome! I love her! And you 😀 xoxo

  10. mrsbunnies

    @morgan KG? checking out ur video on my work break!!! Sounds fun up to now lol!!! Subbed already…and thanks for the support beautiful!!!

  11. PaintWithGlitter

    Such? an awesome video–love it ! Subscribed 😀 Is there any way you could take a look at my channel? I would really appreciate it ! :)

  12. mrsbunnies

    @Monica R :oD? -kisses-

  13. mrsbunnies

    @Monica R me?

  14. mrsbunnies

    @MadelynTheShark lol!!! Your comment made me laugh out loud lol!!! My bf was wondering what was going? on lol!!! U rock!!! And I hope u get the lip stain… Maybe for Xmas :oD

  15. mrsbunnies

    @TheRealZombieChan I know? I really wouldn’t wear anything else :oD

  16. mrsbunnies

    @Chloe Kim thanks? beautifulness!!!!

  17. mrsbunnies

    @plearcitizenstar I hope u win too but I’m not giving away the lipstick its the 10$? gift certificate in my store :oD

  18. mrsbunnies

    @brittany MORRIS awe thanks!!! And welcome to the bunnies’ curse… Everything I adore or utilize to the max gets discontinued all the time… Story of my life!!! Lol? !!! -kisses-

  19. mrsbunnies

    @elainaluvsyew awe !!! Cruelty free is the way to go!!! And? as for you not being able to buy this now… Once ur done school and stuff u will be buy things like this no prob!!! Education is the way to go, small sacrifice for a life time of fulfilment !!! What r u studying in ?

  20. mrsbunnies

    @TheJennivision awe thanks Hunny bunny!!! I totally appreciate the support!!! And I will actually pickup? the tattoo cover tmrw I have been meaning to get it :)))

  21. mrsbunnies

    @Theresa Yu? it’s 10$ in my store… Not the lip stain… Sorry :(

  22. mrsbunnies

    @thisabsolutegarbage that’s cute!!! How old are Hunny-bunny?? Blister is awesome I use that all the time!!!

  23. mrsbunnies

    @plearcitizenstar :))))))) hope so? too we find out tmrw before 9pm EsT!!!!

  24. mrsbunnies

    @BaybeeLin thanks? beautiful!!!!!

  25. mrsbunnies

    @Mar BR Yeppers!!!!!?

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