Kat Von D’s Artist Spotlight: BRIAN POOR – mechanical art! Posted by admin on October 8th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

Hi, everyone! Just wanted to share this little peek into the world of mechanical artist, Brian Poor. Some of you may recall the beautiful doorbell he created…

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D’s Artist Spotlight: BRIAN POOR – mechanical art!”

  1. Gayle MamaButterfly

    That was? so neat!

  2. PhillipHunsberger

    I love Mechanical Art! Those artists? are the true Mechanical Animals!!!

  3. shannieblueyes

    Im sad?

  4. Fashionshoper

    Sooooo? lovely!

  5. Caleb McLaurin

    And also @thekatvond, thank you for? uploading your videos. It is very interesting to see your collection of jewelry, and other things that you have. I’m anticipating the next one

  6. Caleb McLaurin

    I love his art but it isn’t easy to find even? pictures of. I’ve seen this video on his channel though.

  7. Marcela Mata

    This was so cute!^-^
    Foo? Dog:3

  8. Aiden Motionless

    I want that eyeball door?

  9. JohnMarch3

    I? love it!

  10. choco33333333

    its so cool,? like your doorbell!

  11. VanTom

    Well? thought out. Loved it

  12. Unnur B

    This is lovely. Seeing how these little animatronics have their own personality. The eye? bell is something that would be great for my future house. I just want all of them. They’d bring so much character!

  13. theysaidrocknroll

    Omg? I love it… even heard Nono Cat in there… :)

  14. Evan Cahill


  15. Naomi Procter

    This is great!? Thank you for sharing Kat, looks awesome! :) 3

  16. lacey41908

    Love? it, thanks for sharing! <3

  17. Sara Plut

    rad! i? love you kat! <33

  18. starvingforbones

    it’s like toy story but with wicked? robots! love it :)

  19. Cece Jagger

    That´s so cool!!?

  20. Mgon M Emjion

    CUTE &? FUN 😀

  21. PandaChae

    Love? it!

  22. MissJessiT

    Totally? amazing!!

  23. ExoticFireGirl


  24. Ray Sky

    sweet! so cool and uniqiue i love? his eye door bell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Axel Björkqvist


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