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Hi boos, long time no see! I apologize for my absence, but I have been a busy bee. I always unintentionally rhyme in my description box! Anyway, here are my …

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25 Responses to “September Favorites 2013: Kat Von D, Revlon, Milani, Rimmel + Drake!”

  1. katiekingstonYT

    i absolutely love your dry humor. and YES, do a goth inspired tutorial! that? deep purple/black lipstick looked amazing.

  2. Lisa G

    Love ur vids! Yes do a tutorial any tutorial! And as for Drake he’s the ish! We? love him!

  3. Lesley Cardoza

    I’d love? the gothic tutorial!!!!!>.<

  4. dezmarie01dg

    Def do the dark eye with? dark lip.

  5. AexieSwimBabe13

    Yaaaay your back! missed? you, supper excited to see videos from you this month! Love ya

  6. TheBeautyVaultxo

    Girl.. I feel for you. Stream it! That’s what? I always do.

  7. Megan Lemmons

    Yes to the va va violet tutorial!!! And could you do one featuring the strike a rose baby lips? I have it but it’s so bold I have to find a? way to wear it haha!!

  8. Suzan H

    my TV is jacked up…..I will be missing TWD season 4’s first episode? next week

  9. TheBeautyVaultxo

    Will do,? xx.

  10. ricegirl2K11

    What lipliner would you? recommend for the Black Cherry lipstick??

  11. TheBeautyVaultxo


  12. TheBeautyVaultxo

    Hahaha I love that. It’s true, I am so bad at maintenance when I’m cleaning. I? get so into it haha. xx

  13. Amanda Larson

    As my beauty school instructor would say…? “Your nails are jewels, not tools!” lol :) I would love to see a tutorial with the va va violet lipstick!

  14. Jessica cLARK

    Were are you located I would love for you? to do my makeup

  15. Mariposa1880

    Try Essie “Cashmere Bathrobe”….its a? beautiful grey!

  16. TheBeautyVaultxo

    Perfect fall shade, great? minds think alike. :) xx

  17. TheBeautyVaultxo

    It’s daring but so? so nice. :) xx

  18. TheBeautyVaultxo

    Oh lucky, are you in? Canada?

  19. bombshellkissesxo

    Please do a video on what’s in your professional kit, and how you became a pro? makeup artist !

  20. ciara giarraputo

    Yaaaaaaaassssssss? gothic tutoriallll!!!!!!!

  21. TheBeautyVaultxo

    Thanks a lot! The scarf is from H&M by the way,? I think it was no more than $14. :) Thank you for watching. xx

  22. TheBeautyVaultxo

    Check out my Collective Haul video, I go into depth about my top coat. For base, I just use OPI’s base coat. But my top coat? is my secret weapon. :) xx

  23. Mariposa1880

    Yessss…..I’d love to see? your tutorial mentioned in the video!

  24. TheBeautyVaultxo

    Aw yay, thank you for? watching! :)

  25. TheBeautyVaultxo

    Thank you? so much. :) Will do! xx

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