Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation Review and Demonstration Posted by admin on September 19th, 2013 | Comments (22) |

Hi Girlies I just wanted to do a quick video to show you the Kat Von D Lock It foundation in action. Hope you enjoy xx Please Comment/Rate/Subscribe Blog htt…

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22 Responses to “Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation Review and Demonstration”

  1. skyjulz

    One of the best reviews of KvD’s foundation! Thank you!?

  2. Kenya Allen

    In order to use less foundation apply it with ur fingers first then? go back with a brush to further blend it in..It also makes the finish look very natural

  3. TheGunGoesBangBang

    Miss, as a warning, if you’re acne prone it’s not good to buff foundation into your skin! It’s better to dab it on.?

  4. evelyn londono

    Whole face? full Coverage I meant

  5. evelyn londono

    I? only use 1-1/2 pumps and that’s enough for me for my whole fave full coverage.

  6. babyweems

    I was wondering if you thought there was a major brand that you would say is a close or a second? I can’t buy KVD in the UK .I managed to buy it on Ebay? but I don’t like not being able to? test them myself. I got close to the right colour but in some lights lot was too orange. As i have a very light neck but my face as with a lot of people is darker. As I love the coverage of KVD , the colour ( light 48) was almost perfect. If you have any suggestions I? would really appreciate it. thanks x

  7. Sheena Ignacio

    Wow you use? way too much. Nice review though.

  8. joanna garcia


  9. Jess Sending

    what’s? the lightest shade?

  10. Dez Olivas

    You pumped waaaay too much -.- you only need like 2? pumps

  11. Jennifer Laffey

    Wow that foundation is? amazing!!!! x

  12. Sabrositaricanat40

    Wow? it did wonderfull on your eyes area .u don’t need any concealer

  13. lgaaron321

    what shade? did you use? :-)

  14. Celina Kiliman

    this foundation looks nice! why would you say it is better than estee lauder double wear? i have that foundation as well and i’m not sure if i want to? purchase another full coverage foundation.

  15. Evan Washington

    i have it? and i have bad dark spots and i find i dont even need concealer!

  16. thestage40

    out of all these beauty blogs? youtube channels guru i have to say u show what your face with no makeup all these young girls where tinted moisterizer before they do a video or dont do closeups but you did i appreciate this video more then any other makeup video…thankyou

  17. Bagfashion2012

    thanks for your review!!! I’m going to get one! thanks? so much! :)

  18. Madicakezz

    Try spraying? water or fix+ on your brush before using the foundation. The brush won’t suck up as much foundation :3 xx

  19. APrettyObsession

    You’re? gorge hon, sure I have these holes all over my face from chicken pox when I was little. This foundation is completely amazing

  20. APrettyObsession

    Thank you, it really is a? fabulous foundation

  21. Ana K. Amoretti

    Great? review!

  22. Martina Moylan

    Oh I wish I had your skin I’m like a tomato haha and I’ve stupid spots marks from old spots that take forever to go away. I like a full coverage base too. Thanks for the review and? demo it was very helpful xx

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