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Open Me ‘n Watch in HD!! 😀 * Stayed tuned for some pony action at the end :) * All Products I’m wearing in this video will be listed below :) HI!!! HoW ARE …

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25 Responses to “1st Impression : Look : Kat Von D Spellbinding Eyeshadow Book Palette”

  1. MrsJojoK

    I don’t have any Kat Von D products at all and I have been wanting to try some for a while.? Eye shadows are my weakness and I have a lot of different palettes. When I saw this palette and the packaging it just got to me. It’s so amazing! I had to pause your video and I went on Sephora and ordered it..:) I can’t wait to get it and play with it!
    thank you for showing us the horses at the end. They are the real beauties!

  2. makeup momma

    Ihave not gotten any of the kat von d pallets so i think i will check? thiis out .

  3. Grisela Soto

    Can u? do a review on the spellbinding lipstick please please.

  4. SheerBeauty96

    What foundation,powder and concealer you wear?? You have oily or dry skin??

  5. PinkCookie62

    Awwww… I love the horses!? I love seein’ the animals girl! Great video… the palette, the demo & the horses, good stuff! : ) xo!

  6. llsvr3

    Your horses are gorgeous! Thanks? for sharing them with us :)

  7. EnticingMakeup

    This is why I love your channel! Lol. Thanks for sharing Tara :)? I love the look you created!

  8. Kym Skiles

    Oh your? horses are so beautiful! *dies*

  9. ComingFrom775

    I enjoy? your videos so much.

  10. Kay Sugar

    Your laugh just? rocks! I love seein you in my sub box, and you’re always super honest. :) I actually like this palette a lot, it looks great. Hopefully she starts coming out with more big ones like this’

  11. julietsweetman2

    I? don’t know what I love more your makeup or your animals;)thx

  12. Jenny Linehan

    I love all her eyeshadow palettes, You just can’t go wrong with a Kat Von D ANYTHING…LoL :) I Love the look you did Tara, I can hardly wait to buy this badass kit!! Thanks for showing your horses at the end of the video….I just think they are Beautiful along with the amount of land you guys must have!! What a Life…it’s SO Diff than any other Youtuber…Stay the way you are? Tara:) Huge Hugs Gurl XoXo

  13. amirahall1

    OMG!!!! I love your horses……and yes I am going straight to Sephora? online and ordering this….lol

  14. pmlhnd

    The horses are just? beautiful…thanks for sharing.

  15. Rikki Poynter

    I would say cut the front of? the box and put it in a frame to hang on the wall. It IS too nice to just throw out, but you’re talking to someone that hoards Sugarpill packaging, so.

  16. meechisuarez

    I need this! Your lighting has been looking so much better? lately :) what have you done different?

  17. Daphne Horror

    Can you review the spellbinding lipstick? set?

  18. Nancy Campbell

    Oh I so have to get? this palette. Thanks for the review. I love seeing your horses, they are gorgeous. That little Sons of Guns is a stunner. I’d like to see him when he’s reached maturity…ooohhheee. :)

  19. MsCocopies

    I? love seeing your horses, so beautiful!

  20. jessica w

    sons of guns is so neat looking! ahhhh I love your? horses,sooooo jealous!!! hahah 😛

  21. jessica w

    uhhhm Kat von D collection? video! yes?! yesssss???

  22. AlliesVanity

    Ahh!! I can’t wait to get that sucker in the mail! Very excited :). And I swear, I could just walk around those little horse babies? for hours. So sweet 😀

  23. Maquillage79

    Beautiful horses?

  24. Denine Blondie

    Thank you so much for sharing. I had no idea her Holiday collection is out yet! I? am excited to pick these up!

  25. TheStarLuva

    I love the horses, they are? just gorgeous!!

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