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I use my Instagram quite A L O T if you like to creep! 😉 I tend to creep back haha! Instagram: danger0usperson Twitter: https://twitter.com/Danger0usPerson …

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  1. 1othrocks

    i couldn’t post the whole first time tag questions won’t let me but grace i’d love it if ya did one it would be cool to get to know ya even more. <3 ya girl.? 😉

  2. 1othrocks

    grace i tag you: My First Time Tag Questions:
    Do you still talk to your FIRST love?
    What was your FIRST job?
    What was your FIRST car?
    Who was the FIRST person to text you today?
    Who is the FIRST person you thought of this morning?
    Who was your FIRST grade teacher?
    Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane?
    Who was your FIRST best friend & do you still talk?
    Where? was your FIRST sleep over?
    Who was the FIRST person you talked to today?

  3. danger0usperson

    thanks for the tip! :)?

  4. Aly Tellez

    it? around) and ur dry patch should be good almost all day. I think u can get it at amazon. I buy mine for like a dollar haha

    Sorry it’s so long lmao

  5. Aly Tellez

    Oh and for the dry patches, try Keri Renewal Serum for dry skin. I have super oily skin, but get dry pates every now and then too..it sucks! Ha
    I use my clairasonic at night then dab on the stuff ONLY ON THE DRY PATCHES after moisturizing. It feels kinda? gross and sticky in the beginning bc it’s heavy but it works so well! Let it sit overnight and if ur gonna wear makeup and have a dry patch, add a super tiny mega thin layer under ur makeup (i put it on before my primer but try not to smear…

  6. Aly Tellez

    Do? you (or does anyone here) know how this compares to the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation?

  7. popcorned

    Maybe you should try really hydrate the dry spots before applying the foundation. A? body butter maybe, so it can really make it almost greasy. :)

  8. xpinkypenguinx

    you should try filling in your eyebrows pink. just to? see how it looks with your hair.

  9. danger0usperson

    awe! im sorry! you should say what you didnt? like it about it! so people who watch this can hear your opinion too! :) Other opinions/reviews are super welcome!

  10. danger0usperson

    thanks so much! been loving this combo? lately!

  11. danger0usperson

    i have not! have you ever? i shall? look into it:)

  12. danger0usperson

    haha! yes during pauly d!? haha they kept showing us! that concert was such a blast! did? you have fun?:)

  13. danger0usperson

    i have not! idk if it would look ok!? D; heh

  14. danger0usperson

    i use the? real techniques buffing brush and love it! but yes i will most definitely do a video on it! have you googled anything about what brush to maybe use with it? or what other people like?

  15. danger0usperson

    yes!? i love the size!

  16. danger0usperson

    hopefully you like it as much as I do! i cant remember if I mentioned it in this video but at first I didnt like it! i was using it with benefits porefessional? primer and it was horrid! but with my smashbox photofinish i love it!

  17. Anna Rad

    P.s.? Love ur bluuuush!

  18. Anna Rad

    I didnt like at all this foundation,i mean, for that money its? not worth it :/

  19. heidicupcake

    sooooo i just might have to go pick this? up. ahaha

  20. Kate Ann

    You’re pretty :)?

  21. violinist21550

    I love this foundation. Its fantastic! I’ve had my bottle for 5 months and I still haven’t run out?

  22. Joanna Hernandez

    Yes, I would love the MUF review and demo. I can’t find a good one. I just bought it and I can’t? figure out what is a better technique to apply it. I have been using a real techniques brush but i still don’t feel like i am getting the coverage I should be getting. It’s pretty pricey, so I don’t want to just be wasting my product. :/

  23. Shahtaj khan

    You have a great style :) have you considered being a red head?? Like a velvet red?

  24. powlah6

    aw I have dry skin /: Please do a review on the MUF foundation when you can :) oh btw I saw you on the big screen at? the BSB concert and was like “OMG I ‘know’ her” lmao and my friends were like “okay” but I was so excited to see you hahahaha

  25. Katie L.

    i know you said awhile back that you were thinking of getting your chest tattoo covered up. have you tried this foundation out? on the tattoo to see if it hides it?

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