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24 Responses to “La Ink s05e02 part4”

  1. samantha gleeson

    i want a job blah blah blah blah go to fucking coles if you’re that desperate!!!?

  2. Stelios CF

    no… just this is a fucking drama? serie

  3. TheBooshygal

    The more I watch this the more Liz? pisses me off.

  4. Cindy Serfontein

    I think Corry is the best artist in the business,? I love COrries work

  5. Amy Angel

    My favorite is Amy. She is the only one who is not a snotty little bitch.?

  6. Gabrielle Elizabeth

    I? just have one question…what the fuck is wrong with this girl?

  7. rosy khan

    liz is a control freak?

  8. Edwin Quintero

    the? tattoos from corey, dan and kat are awesome but… ¿and the other tattoo artists from the shop?

  9. EclairE365

    I love? Bollywood XD

  10. Kristy Robinson

    ugh. liz shits me..? her voice, her attitude..? everything about her. go back to real estate lady!! annoying to the max

  11. ArchieAndOswald

    I wish Sam and Dan were? in this more <3 :(

  12. motorzeppelinpriest

    I wanna see more of? Sam.

  13. ganumohan1

    Dan is so sweet? (L)

  14. girl123interrupted

    Craig is fucking crazy lol.?

  15. folkgirrl

    I? love how Liz thinks she’s a MANAGER manager.. lol no one told her it’s managing the shop.. not being a manager of everyone.. it keeps cracking me up cause no one tells her..

  16. dunknobeere

    awwwwwwhhh sammmmm hes well shy and? cute

  17. ukgirlonce

    i like? :) craig 😉

  18. supernatt924

    aw i kinda want? to see more of sam

  19. Vera Dietrick

    do you? realize how much Dan likes to talk about his band? i love that guy 😀

  20. AcrssUnvrs84

    Dan is so adorable when he’s doing the Bollywood dance!! Love him!!?

  21. PriscilliaElviera

    SHUUUUTTT UPPP!! ahaha?

  22. alexgmsea

    i love liz! she’s super hot, smart, and can take on way more work than dealing with customers and answering phones. way too over qualified for this job at LA INK. i have a? job for her as my full time wife lol!

  23. PeaceAndBailey

    liz you should definately think before? she thinks or just shhhh

  24. Butterflykiss42

    OMG who the hell does Liz think she is? She is totally trying to? change the shop and that’s not her place!

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