KAT VON D LADYBIRD PALETTE TUTORIAL 4 Posted by admin on September 2nd, 2013 | Comments (23) |

The fourth and maybe not the last tutorial on the Kat Von D Ladybird palette. This is a very dark and dramatic look, so you could consider it a night time lo…

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  1. Sonia Lazaro

    Awe? I’m so excited for you! Thank you! (:

  2. MsLilylove333

    I love your tutorials! This one was one of the best! 😀
    You’re a total life saver! I bought this pallet and it’s my first eye shadow pallet and I also just got a set of brushes and? I honestly didn’t know what to do >.<
    Thankyou so much because I can follow these steps and create these awesome looks 😀
    btw you're eyes are so pretty, love your style :)

  3. Sonia Lazaro

    You? won’t regret it! (:

  4. JaMVengenz

    Love the eyeshadow. You’ve? inspired me to buy this pallet!

  5. roannavm

    Love this look on? u

  6. Allie Joyner

    Wet.n wild.has a.plum.color like.that?

  7. Venessa Chavira

    Yay!! can’t wait!!!? ^,^

  8. Sonia Lazaro

    Thank you!!? Yes ma’am, coming very soon! (:

  9. Venessa Chavira

    I love watching your videos!!! :) can you do? a foundation routine along with your fave blush, and powder?! :)

  10. Sonia Lazaro

    Honestly, I’m not even wearing lipstick in this video because I’m sick and my lips are dry. But for this look a beautiful nude lipstick would go? best, since the look is so dramatic and dark. You want all the attention on your eyes and to not have too much going on everywhere.

  11. Sonia Lazaro

    I would love to!! I need to practice some looks and see if I would even be good at that sort of thing. Halloween is? my favorite holiday, so that would be awesome!!

  12. Sarah G

    what lipstick are you? wearing

  13. meaganlallen

    Super? sexy look! Loved it.

  14. Neverlivedinfear90

    Are you going? to/thinking about doing Halloween tutorials?

  15. Sonia Lazaro

    Blue in? general is my favorite color, how could you tell? 😛 Thank you very much!!

  16. TheJerseygirly

    I have that palette! Thank? you for a new tutorial! I really like it a lot! :)

  17. missbish

    Yes! That’s exactly how ya say? the name of the shadow. I can’t wait to buy this palette in August. Is dark blue your fav color ? Btw I follow you on instagram and you’re a very talented artist and I wish you nothing but, Buena suerte on your journey of new beginnings :)

  18. Jcov1996

    Love? your tutorials Sonia!!

  19. vermilion2

    I really liked the? tutorial, good job sonia :)

  20. Sonia Lazaro

    Yes very? soon! Thank you! Maybe I should try and pull it off more often. (:

  21. Sonia Lazaro

    Don’t worry, it’s coming very soon! (:?

  22. fungilemora

    yesss, please, foundation? routine :3 your hair looks great like that btw

  23. tinymuffinj

    can you please do? a foundation tutorial!!! your face looks flawless?

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