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my review on Kat Von D lock-it tattoo foundation and my face of the day (F.O.T.D.) hope you like!! See you in the next video~ Thanks for watching.

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24 Responses to “New Kat Von D lock-it tattoo foundation + FOTD”

  1. lytise

    i don’t like the banana colored powder from ruby kisses. you can have mine if you want. i used it one time? and have been trying to get rid of it.

  2. 012ornella

    she? said deep 66

  3. msceelow100

    thanks for the video!! i like how you let us know? what shade you was in MAC…

  4. Sunshyne3640

    I got a sample of this? today. Can’t wait to try it. As always you look real pretty. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Viannie Vasquez

    Great video. I’m an nc44? in Mac and I’m not sure if you mentioned this in the video but what was the shade you used for the Kat Von D foundation? Thanks :)

  6. brannygiz

    I can’t purchase foundation that I haven’t swatched on my skin. We are all in different parts of the world it might be that I tanned. It’s getting colder now so yeah to sum it up nc45 is the? shade I wear in Mac =)
    happy shopping!!

  7. brannygiz

    No prob!!? Hoped the review helped ya=)

  8. taboomocha

    You’re an NC45 in MAC?! Really?? I wear the same shade but you look? much darker. I hate ordering shades online; guess I’ll be heading to Sephora lol

  9. playfulandvicious

    Thank you so much!! ? I’ve been trying to find someone with a review on the darker shades forever now!

  10. brannygiz

    Thank you!!?

  11. brannygiz

    Thanks? T!!!;-}

  12. shereealexis1

    Very nice? Branny!

  13. tlisadkk3

    B it looks Beautiful I ? luv the color lips ,eyes,etc. You go Girl

  14. brannygiz

    Thanks? luv!!

  15. brannygiz


  16. brannygiz

    So feeling this foundation!! Sometimes I set it and sometimes I don’t all? depends. Thanks for watching sis!!=)

  17. brannygiz

    Glad I could help let me know how it worked out for you!!;)?

  18. fayfayglam83

    So pretty? girl

  19. NaturallyFashionable

    Pretty? look!

  20. TheMACFanatic

    I thought the Kat Von d were little orange but maybe ur skin color is neutral to wear u can rock a warm or cool foundation, but I luv the coverage and? creamy texture of it.

  21. Jetaun Wilson

    I love this on you it? looks very nice..I am glad you did the review I have been going back and fourth on purchasing this I am going in the morning thks:)

  22. brannygiz

    thanks? hun!! xoxo’s

  23. brannygiz

    Ditto…LOL, yes girl love matte foundation,? eyeshadow, blush everything. Thanks sweetie

  24. brannygiz

    Thanks Luv~ soon I will be trying to do some request Thanks for your? support take care=)

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