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25 Responses to “La Ink S05E01 part5”

  1. maysakura040694

    aubrey’s? been talking shits to people over what happened. why didn’t she tell them what the fuck happened and why they acted the way they did?

  2. Mikkel Bovin

    Liz is the worst trainwreck Kat Again took into her nursery ! So sad-No talent-just like AMY ! But its kindof criminal with Amy-cause she sucks BIG time as an artist , let alone a Tattoo artist ! Imagine to walk around,the rest of your life , with her sorry cartoons plastered all over ! What a? bummer !

  3. Mikkel Bovin

    its like-you know-yeaar-so rad-ist-its like rad-youknow-and you know-its totally-like-you know-its like-so Awsoome-its soo cool-like? rad-you know?-walleygirls!

  4. Amy Angel

    Count dracula? needs to tuck her dick in and stop being such a cunt.

  5. anamagdalena28

    Kat is a control freak and a manipulator. Her own? siblings are afraid of her.

  6. Benny Cassidy

    You guys knw that this show is? all staged right? You’re all acting like it’s real haha. They stage the drama to gain ratings. Use your brains people :)

  7. InFiiLtRaTor

    Lol? Liz is such an arrogant bitch! FUCK!

  8. Mominaodiji

    i love how aubry is blaming kat for? her own problems…
    but enough about that, MORE ART LESS DRAMA!!!

  9. Ph2291

    I am just watching this for the tattooing. why won´t these ppl stop? bitching around all the time and make it about the art?! so sick of the highschool behaviour.

  10. awe kter

    La Ink 70% drama !!!!?

  11. ganumohan1

    Liz is? so patronising 😐

  12. TheEvilDuck93

    EWWWW that Liz bitch. I? already want to give her a good slap. Who on earth would want to hire her? Oh Kat :( why?

  13. PlatypusGuitar

    aubry didnt belong in the tatoo environment to begin with but at? the same time, kat and her crew seem to have a real hard time letting someone inside their circle. Aubry annoyed me a lot but she can be herself… elsewhere. Kat needs to trust others more too.

  14. KareenCasey

    so cocky. shutup?

  15. Charlieex0xo

    Liz=? Cocky little bitch.

  16. PsychodelicRecords

    aubrey is literally too stupid and juvenile to? handle. im surprised she lasted as long as she did

  17. glmrklls00

    why does amy look like? a chola

  18. musicluvaa4833

    I? don’t know why but aubreys teeth bother me

  19. mkatty100


  20. Winter18Wonderland

    My God. Liz is so? up herself.

  21. Reapent

    man liz? is hoot

  22. girl123interrupted

    I feel like they bring in these “shop managers” for an unnecessary dose of drama. No one gives a shit,? get someone good to do the work behind the scenes and focus on the artists and the amazing work they produce rather than “like oh my god, Susie just gave me the death stare and then shook her ass as she walked away” omg stfu

  23. ukgirlonce


  24. alexgmsea

    liz is so gorgeous!?

  25. BillyEatFace

    brad what? a top notch guy

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