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23 Responses to “Sexy Demi Lovato Makeup Tutorial”

  1. Marina Schirmer

    Super!!!Jessi !!du hast Goldene Hände und du bist sehr Creative Dich anzuschauen und nachmachen.? Macht viel Spaß !!vielen Danke!!!

  2. ohKLC019

    either your foundation is? too pale or your bronzer is too dark :/

  3. xhighheeler705x

    It’s in the description box: Kat Von D “Celebutard” Lipstick & MAC? “Myth” Lip gloss

  4. xhighheeler705x

    I thought she got a nose job because she broke her nose??

  5. Réka S

    she broke? her nose.

  6. Cole Han

    Oh no? I don’t like this tutorial :(

  7. khaoula EL

    thank you so much for doing that amazing videos even that u get that all nagative comment, and for seggestion what do u think about Hanna or Aria look fron pll???

  8. Abdullah Khan

    selena? gomez plz

  9. ryudragon7

    Jessica, you got nothing to worry about. I think you look beautiful even? without makeup.

  10. VaNkUrSx

    your foundation is whiter than your? skin tone? or make that effect the lights?

  11. robyn templeton

    too much bronzer looks very muddy…..?

  12. funka39

    Your? nose is broken right?

  13. Summer Rosepetale

    If you are reading this- Well you’re the best! 😀


    My goal is to inspire people just like you to feel confident in your own skin. 😀

    So if you enjoy watching beauty, fashion, DIY videos (and more!); feel free to stop by my channel and tell me what? you think of my videos! <3

    Please thumbs up this comment to let people know that I exist!

    Thanks I really appreciate it!



  14. GleeGirl19991

    I? Love This Turtorial!!!!!!!:****thx:**

  15. sarahbeardos

    she did… then she got a cut and broke her nose… she talks about it on her blog?

  16. lp4ju

    Lip? color please. … love it

  17. 1MacSara

    Beauty!!? Love the eyes here! Although I say this with love….just a smidgen too much bronzer! haha

  18. bittersweet rach

    did you wash or wipe the mask off before? you put your foundation on?

  19. Siti khadijahalim

    Emergerd pretty!;~; love you! Keep up!?

  20. livelaughlove1827

    she broke her nose a few months? ago but she still hasnt had surgery

  21. hisseria

    loved what you? said in the beginning :)

  22. SeeNoSpeakNoHearNo1

    How refreshing that you didn’t make such a big deal that you have no? makeup on, it is a little annoying when someone says how terrible they look over and over without their makeup!

  23. xoxokarmen20

    I am holding a HUGE BEAUTY GIVEAWAY on my channel RIGHT NOW! Everything from NARS, Benefit, Sedona Lace, Sonia Kashuk, Revlon AND SO MUCH MORE!!!! I would? really LOVE for y’all to come join in on it! Thank you soo much loves XO!

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