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22 Responses to “La Ink s05e03part4”

  1. aidenman100

    hate liz… love creg.

  2. Lynne S

    oh dear god Liz is beyond obnoxious and painful!! Adrienne needs to knock? her out!

  3. Ádám Czakó

    What is? the music 1:18???

  4. sleepyjean47

    it would have been kind of awesome is that chick had gotten pissed at Kat for thinking that her? cat dying is the same as a grandmother who raised the woman. Kat clearly has never lost a family member.

  5. LAZARzoo

    craig is a cracker!!! fucking hilarious. As for Liz, I’m sure that most have you have caught on that this is reality tv and most of it is scripted. She is an actress and aubry as well is a recycled reality tv personality. you will find that with the majority of these kinds of shows on the air, so that they? can be controlled

  6. MrHockeeee

    But a bullet through? her head

  7. Miavine

    liz reminds me of the girl in american psyco 2…? she’s prolly got skellatons in her closet too ;P

  8. JEM4JS

    fucking hell i hope them who work in High Voltage have a sense of humour in their private lives.? even when dan and corey talk to each other it conversation doesnt really flow. mmm it is actually like a really family kat is right LOL

  9. MPasco79

    if Liz is sooo business minded with the shop and since most clients are told to wait and go have a coffee or else while they stencil their tats, then is very simple why doesn’t she tell Kat to either have a small coffee machine at the shop, or hire a coffee barista or rent the shop next door and have it as lounge area..but she is such an air head she can only think of time cards? for tattoers to clock in and out as if they’d need that

  10. scholte

    “He didn’t hit me so that must mean hes happy” LolXD? And also, craig looks very young there :0

  11. KillerBuzzTattoo

    Liz is? still hot…….

  12. girl123interrupted

    Liz is an actress… Its so obvious, if they’re going to do this than they need to stop calling them “reality tv shows”? its like, all fiction.

  13. supernatt924

    man. the actress that plays liz? is doin a great job.

  14. Silvana Carranza

    Liz is so stupid…How do they advertise? They have a show called LA Ink, as? you will notice the cameras that are filming you.

  15. Jack Graham

    She’s not a manager, Kat’s more of a? manager. Her job title should be bitch

  16. LittleBlue

    Liz, what the hell! “How do you advertise? I should be helping? Kat taking this shop to the next level!”
    Ummm… the shop is being filmed for TV! There is a camera in your face, girl! There’s no better advertising than that!

  17. WilderWein77

    It is nice to see Kat show some human emotions for once. She’s kinda lost it the past years, becoming? sort of jaded with all of her success and growth of the shop. I lost my cat many years ago too, so I know how difficult it is. You get so attached to your pets, it’s more than a family member.

  18. Ellie Bates

    Is there some sort of plot with showing this other dingy tattoo place or not?? it’s getting really annoying.

  19. loveablemeggy

    if she wants a challenge and financial career why in the hell? did she apply for this job

  20. artsychae88

    i think liz is? worse than aubrey. she’s so annoying!!!

  21. nellynelly1305

    omg, someone please knock her out already!!?

  22. LilAuzzieDrummerGirl

    liz annoys me so? much

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