Sephora & MAC Cosmetics Haul & Swatches! ? YSL, Lorac, Tarte, MUFE, More! Posted by admin on August 11th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “Sephora & MAC Cosmetics Haul & Swatches! ? YSL, Lorac, Tarte, MUFE, More!”

  1. DeeDoesMakeup

    Love your hair!Great haul!?

  2. WhisperOfBeauty22

    please do a? tutorial on this look !! im begging plezzzz . x

  3. olivia12lovesmakeup

    Try the MUFE foundation with a beauty blender, i use it? that way and it works so much better for me that way as oppose to using a brush 😀 xx

  4. kawtar bennani


  5. kawtar bennani

    I? loce your makeup

  6. cpuzzanghero

    you. look. gorgeous. period point blank?

  7. nancy06abel

    Make up forever hd foundation is amazing!! I pumped 2x on a clean cd i don’t care for and used my mac 187 brush. Stipple the? foundation all over your face and then buff it all out. Beautiful flawless finish!! Hope you try it out :)

  8. LovelySmile55

    how can you know the right shade? of foundation when you order online?

  9. Xenia Stein

    *waering??? It? is amazing!*-* <3

  10. Xenia Stein

    What kind of lipstick are? you e

  11. Josefin Henriquez

    Hey Guys! I just uploaded my “i heart summer tag” video and it would mean so much to me if? u took some time to watch it or comment and even subscribe 😀 thanks xx

  12. Héloïse Hernandez

    Why are? you perf Shannon ? ? I’m jealous :'(((

  13. Josefin Henriquez

    Hey Guys! I? just uploaded my “i heart summer tag” video and it would mean so much to me if u took some time to watch it or comment and even subscribe 😀 thanks xx

  14. Becca Reilly

    please tell me? what lipstick ur wearing ..does anyone know ??

  15. Chrissy N

    tutorial on this look please! i loveee it!? 😀

  16. Emilee Baker

    I’m loving your new “style” of editing your videos, your end scene, and I LOVE that you do your? swatches to the side! It just makes so much more sense. You’re becoming one of my favorite you tubers (: keep it up!

  17. Nesa Kelmendi

    Check out the channel: A&HInnerBeauty !!?

  18. aduh1987

    PLZ PL ZPLZZZZ do a tutorial using the kat von d foundation!!! i just got it and i love it but im? finding it hard to figure out how to wear it flawlessly.. id appreciate a foundation application video from you using that foundation!

  19. HowToBeADoll xo

    Hey guys! Please check out my channel as it would mean so much to me!? I work extreamly hard creating and editing my videos! They are not perfect of course but they have potential I think! I work really hard editing and creating fun and easy to follow tutorials! I am 17 and I am in LOVE fashion, beauty and makeup and I know my stuff! I always take requests and I am very involved with my subscribers and hope to always be. Please ceck out my channel and subscribe if you like what you see!

  20. xoxSm4rt3rBeautyxox

    I loove the Tarte foundation! Try using a damp sponge to apply it, I find it? gives the best finish because its a really thick formula. :)

  21. Tracy Brown

    Please do a tutorial on the Kat Von D? foundation.

  22. angela gibbs

    Use the makeup foundstion with a beauty blender!? Flawless coverage looks like your skin but better.but it covers everything!

  23. toxicbeauty00

    Personally I don’t care for? makeup forever hd foundation! It too expensive and there are way better drug store foundation out there! That’s just my opinion. Ibcould never make it work!

  24. Inmarie Mellani Ngo

    all that glitter + soft brown is soo pretty with like a dark brown eyeshadow underneath? your lash line !(:

  25. Lilly Bosnyak

    How much was the Lorac pallet and were you really happy with it? Great video too!! xo?

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