Jersey Shore vs. LA Ink vs. Jackass Posted by admin on August 6th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “Jersey Shore vs. LA Ink vs. Jackass”

  1. Cornelius Soli


  2. King Borat

    Jackass is? the besttttt!!! Best reality movie ever

  3. KaylMarieKellz

    I am like, the biggest Jackass fan ever lol. Theres no drama, no fighting, no bitching and stupid stuff like there is in Jersey Shore. It’s all fun, and thats why i love Jackass so much… Because it’s REAL entertainment,not a bunch of petty little brats getting drunk and? having sex with strangers :)

  4. littleKingdompet2

    I like Jersey Shore, because I don’t take it too seriously. Yes it has? a lot of drama, and it’s a bad example for kids that are growing up, but don’t take it so seriously! It’s just a show. It’s not even worth the fuss. I personaly think Jackass is way more stupid and bad for kids to watch then Jersey Shore.

  5. adrian55502

    jersey shore sucks L.A. Inck and? jackass rules

  6. Emmakinz!

    i watch this show called the bad girls club because? of all the dumb girls on there that beat the crap out of each other it just makes me laugh.

  7. Dagaz Vann

    I actually like reality shows. Of course, I know they’re not “reality”, and it’s not that I? want to see people suffer either. This IS reality for these people. And I think what I like about them is that I get to observe the various lifestyles of different people and see how people live. I don’t necessarily respect these people, I just find them interesting to watch and I find it interesting to see how they interact and perceive the world.

  8. Michelle Jiles

    Absolutely hate Jersey Shore & Jackass.. Never watched LA ink.?

  9. 17bdawg

    i just watch it to laugh my ass off about? how incredibly stupid

  10. IamGilgamesh666

    2:10 haha priceless. :D?

  11. celebro469

    I also consider GARBAGE anything Kardashian, Rock of Love, Real World, Bachellor…? anything “reality based”

  12. celebro469

    Do not watch or will ever watch JS or Jackass. My brain cannot? tolerate imbeciles acting like monkeys throwing feces to each other for fame. Used to watch LA ink but HATED all the drama of the shop. To me the show is better if they really didn’t care about the lives of the artists. I couldn’t take one more line from Kat saying “ personal friend -insert celeb du jour-..”. And I couldn’t take all the sad stories around the tattoos anymore. I hate “reality” tv cos will never be real.

  13. laviniawantspeace

    Lol someday when you’re a bazillionaire I’ll be able to say I? knew you before you were famous

  14. venturaproductions

    jersey? shore kids fight for money. jackass crew would have acted like idiots regardless.

  15. cottonds420

    I totally agree with you!!! I’m definitely not a fan of “reality” tv. I really like that you mentioned the shift in mindsets that corresponds the the popularity of it all. The fact is, people in general today want everything the easy way, mostly because they’re lazy. It truly is better to strive? for something better than yourself than to justify complacency. I have several role models in my life, and I try my best to be a little more like them each day.

  16. ArielleIsHamming

    I love the Jersey Shore. Lol. ?

  17. Vincent Rotondo

    All I can say is a quote from Gandalf: ‘… All that is gold does not glitter…’? and the tans those fakers on Jersey Shore get are no exception.

  18. davros1996

    film 4 is good but there’s a lot of random? stuff on it, i’ve got apple tv though so it’s all good. BTW ITV4 lies…

  19. eriklares90

    Oops, i didn’t catch the red vespa coffee mug… show it once? more?

  20. MrShoy

    Fringe > Jersey Shore? + LA Ink + Jackass +some random other show.

  21. stagespectre

    When I first watched an episode, I worried about how it would be received overseas and if it would be understood as a real “reality”? show since the characters being real people.

  22. Brittanysofficial

    And yet? so famous…

  23. Brittanysofficial

    Yes! Do it! They’re fun to watch and make? :)

  24. stagespectre

    Jersey Shore is a terrible show.?

  25. TheCassiFish

    OH MY GOSH!!!! i agree!!! jersey shore? needs to get off the air IMMEDIATELY! along with a bunch of other reality tv shows…

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