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20 Responses to “LA Ink S04E12 part3”

  1. jesco white

    craig kicks ass , that is a real artist no bull shit no hollywood attityde with? drama
    i like that man

  2. tattooremoving


  3. rosy khan

    its funny how this show? was about one shop and now its about 2 LOL

  4. chihuahuabebi

    this? show is staged

  5. GhostOf Eddie

    This episode is? really sad. Makes you think and puts things in perspective. On another note….Craig is fucking awesome!

  6. Victoria Pasta

    I agree 100% shes slow but don’t treat anyone like that.?

  7. eyescreamtattoo

    hahahaha can anyone count the times they? say “like” “you guys” and “cool”

  8. Nadia Felan

    what i dont get is that on high-voltage tattoo web? page says that if they want to come on the la ink show they have to summit their applications on the tlc web page so how in the world did this people from the other shop get to be on…. hahahah

  9. liz angel

    beautiful tattoo Craig!!!? Awesome!!

  10. Peachchild77

    I love? Craig

  11. 909sophielou

    finaly they? are being nice to aubrey

  12. littlemiss806

    yes aubry may be a right old? idiot, and i honestly cannot stand her, BUT the way they are treating her is horrendous. dont like her- fire her, simple. workplace bullying is not the answer to take your frustrations out on people.

  13. soaperadorable

    I think i like kat better with brown hair?

  14. Holliluvzyew

    ” Is this? some ‘new guy’ shit?”
    ” yeahh! Definitely!”

  15. hughandtimrock

    I love Craig’s? Cockney accent.

  16. loveablemeggy

    i think they like to show a high end? tattoo shop(la ink) and then a smaller different atmosphere,just competition here and there

  17. kennybenny17

    stop hating on the other shop…craig? does great tats

  18. BukBukkas

    She looks shit with blonde hair!!?

  19. wouldntevenbleed

    eugh stop showing the other tattoo shop ahhaa,? kat is so friggen awesome

  20. radicum

    thx? for uploading this show

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