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25 Responses to “La Ink S05E01 part3”

  1. Ria Hawtin

    She lied? !!

  2. RileyxPanda27

    Lying ass bitch!!:0?

  3. malone may

    is? LA Ink scripted?? x

  4. amandagastello8206

    when aubrey first got? hired she was a bimbo kat did give her a chance.

  5. Jan Keizer

    hahaha she just blew it waaay outta proportions and left out all the peaces where Kat told her? something that was fuckin true

  6. tattooremoving


  7. marie fournier

    I just love how Paulie and Amy remain so calm and focused on what is important in general. Amy’s speech always makes? sense. Anyway, Kat and her crew blamed people for not fitting in while they liked it soooo much they did not, so they could have nasty thing to talk about. I think this all drama thing kept them busy and they enjoyed having Aubrey there. After Kat fired her, i am pretty sure they got bored cause they had no one to bully. They are so lame… Kat is disapointing

  8. marie fournier

    you are SO right!

  9. Issi Labella

    Honestly, i once loved this show and especially Kat´s artwork. But now, since that story with Amy, Paulie and Aubry i´ve gotta say she´s? got no clue about how being a good boss. First it´s just false to tell somebody who to chose as friend or not. That´s not in Kat´s decision. And second when three people make the same experiance sayin that workin at LA ink sucks can´t be a lie. I´m just sorry for people like that cuz so the more time passes by they just ruin their own carrees cuz of their egos

  10. Danceisawayoflife100

    It’s obvious that LA Ink is staged, but a majority of ‘reality’ shows are.
    And I feel really bad for Kat because she really started to dislike the show towards the end.?

  11. anamagdalena28

    Amy and Paulie seem like? really nice people; no bullshit or big egos…

  12. lunoria4peace

    not at all!! those are her working? clothes

  13. Chessca H


  14. Simsrockslol

    Omfg? this drama shit is really annoying

  15. Evie Johnston

    what the fuck? aubry’s retelling of the story was totally different to what? actually happened.

  16. InFiiLtRaTor

    That asian? fucking plastic faced bitch was hilarious!

  17. kat1639

    same thing happen when paulie was describing how he? quit

  18. Miranda Daugherty

    and there is NO way anyone at LA Ink would stop working on a customer to chit-chat. Look at? how ticked Chud was. i would have been like “bitch, you either pick that needle up and focus, or you can give me my money so i can get this finished at LA!”

  19. roygeebivv

    I really don’t think Paulie and Amy’s work was as good as any of the artists at High wonder they? didn’t fit in

  20. qwe321100

    kat and her sister have? the same voice!!! :0

  21. Jeff Meyers

    lyin bitch

  22. yakzach

    1:59 , the asian lady was also? on Judge Judy

  23. scrappy Queen

    lmao that one lady wow? hahahahaha

  24. MPasco79

    Kat and her sister sound? the same

  25. PlatypusGuitar

    my mom likes to understand things in a way thats to her advantage too and? then bitch to others about it. Aubry is a stereotype.

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