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20 Responses to “La Ink s05e06 part4”

  1. Jayda Alishya

    Chives? or no chives, that’s the question

  2. amy Dunken

    audrey, we’ve seen your makeup, you’re not good. ?

  3. Mikkel Bovin

    but the worst tattooeist? in the show is def. that trainwreck of a NON-artist Amy-Terrible bad work !

  4. Mikkel Bovin

    Are these people for real ? Great Potato-year really great ideer ! Great “BuisnessManager ! Getting an airhead like Liz in Kat´s shop ! and KAT ? Clever clever girl, putting her employees trhu bad shit ,times and times again and again, are these people for real ? This is the most silly timewasting garbage i EVER sat down and wathed in its entirety !!! The only “OK”? dude in the show is Craig !

  5. Amy Angel

    I think I want a batch of? french fries tattooed on my back and my tramp stamp would be ketchup packets.

  6. Susan Hudak-Scherer

    Chives or no chives? GENIUS !!!?

  7. Zilia Choco

    why? potato?

  8. Haley Steffen

    Makeup…?? You’re going to contaminate the whole shop!

  9. DonkeyParadise

    The potato? represents the change in his life. That’s so obvious, I mean.. it’s a potato. Potato=change.

  10. KareenCasey

    a? potato……………………

  11. Lolagal123

    I love how Dan says potato……? :)

  12. Cameron McLaren

    its an? act.

  13. ThisIsRockwellTV

    Man, I can’t believe Aubry didn’t take a fucking hint after the time Kat jumped her ass for rearranging her painting back at High Voltage. Where does she get off thinking that her behavior is acceptable? Fucking princess? with no respect for other peoples’ belongings.

  14. Holliluvzyew

    No wayy!
    A? fuckin potato with butter and chives?!
    Why didnt I think of that..

  15. Jack Graham

    Man? just loves a good spud

  16. xMyChemicalNirvana

    um. I hope to god this show is scripted. because if Aubrey really thought? that it would be a good idea to do makeup in a tattoo shop. I mean. That would be really fucking sad.

  17. George Lewis

    Liz? after real state agent , now picking trash at tattoo shop life is sucks!!!!!!

  18. naturedood257

    “this is gonna be my 1st baked patato.”? LMAO

  19. RattleheadAnthony

    Dude, I wouldn’t pay to fuck her? and I doubt any other dude would too. Lol

  20. 1910anahi1979

    Aubry just fucked herself in the show, now everybody nationwide knows how dumb she is and she will never be able to? find a job, unless she becomes a hooker on her own lol

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