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Makeup for beginners : http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-Msn98dpT8fvuu0OKZ1V4lsxRpbKkHE7 Please check out my website, it’s updated daily! http://themak…

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24 Responses to “Emma Stone ?? Makeup Tutorial ??”

  1. MrsPenguinator

    Videos are way too short:(?

  2. jjessicabeautyxo

    Hey everyone! I just started my beauty channel and it would be? awesome if you checked it out!! And subscribe if you like! Xoxo

  3. pixiedust

    loved? it

  4. jennamyers21

    Emma stone is an american actress. She was in? easy a and zombie land. Probably more but I can’t think right now.

  5. Karen Gonzalez

    Your contacts look so? natural I love them love the look too

  6. bonafidestars

    That’s what I thought at first, but purple (lilac in this case) and yellow are opposites on the colour wheel so I have a feeling it has something to do with that. E.g. if you have green eyes, red-based eye-shadows really make them pop (as green & red are complementary colours), and so the purple in the lipstick makes the yellow on teeth ‘pop’? more as well.

  7. Keziah Whayman

    Gorgeous? :)

  8. makaylasvanity

    What a? great tutorial!!

  9. Magda Masco

    Your skin is amazing? now! Im so happy for that! haha good for you! enjoy it! Im on the waaaaaay!

  10. Leah Natascha

    reds with a? blue undertone:)

  11. jjessicabeautyxo

    Hey everyone! I just started my beauty channel and it would be awesome if you checked it out!! And? subscribe if you like! Xoxo

  12. sofimaker

    No? makeup look!

  13. kooklova carbajal

    What color lipstick make your teeth look whiter???

  14. vivianaloveable

    Loved it and? i love emma stone very beautiful nice job :-)

  15. Athalla Hardian

    What contacts are you? wearing?

  16. riseagainst0131

    are? you serious with me

  17. kupkakeky

    Do? you think you could do a No-Makeup Makeup? :)

  18. LovelyxReviews

    Your skin looks? SO much better! I’m wondering how did you get rid of all the blemishes? Diet change, skin products, drugs?

  19. Winter Cromer

    great video! love the lip color :) but who in the world? is Emma Stone ….. lol and I’m from America..

  20. Ci Lee

    what lenses are you wearing??

  21. treasureyourself

    your so cute! lol i like how u said the yellow teeth part and at the end your like smiling but making sure not to? show teeth lol yeah i cant pull of those light pinks and theyre so pretty

  22. themissdaisy8

    Why did you use? a wig?

  23. Shyanne Dension

    The girl used Revlon Colorstay? which is a matte foundation

  24. TNhoneyy

    This is kinda random, but does anyone know if the? beauty sponge thing will work well with matte foundation? Specifically the Rimmel clean finish matte foundation?

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