New Milani Limited Edition Blushes! Posted by admin on July 30th, 2013 | Comments (25) | USE CODE: sbap20 for 20% off!! Woop Woop! SO The sale closed?? I thought it…

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25 Responses to “New Milani Limited Edition Blushes!”

  1. Lucero Arizmendez


  2. Lucero Arizmendez

    do you have a? makeup collection?

  3. AmandaLeahCrisp

    That’s so pretty! Thanks for the heads? up, I’m going to have to find these now!

  4. CernaCN

    I just love how you let us know these things. I just recently started using Milani so now I’m super excited! I will definitely look out for these later this week (since later this week will be August). Thanks so much for the heads up. LOVE love love your? videos!

  5. Dorie Duval

    if you love Milani, go hit your local target, i work? there and we have ALOT of milani on clearance…i stocked up yesterday :)

  6. AxelaTV

    Maybelline electro? baby lips review?

  7. Nicole Marie

    Just found them at CVS! Got all 4!!! They are? beautiful! So excited!!!

  8. Nicole Marie

    Just found? them at CVS! Got all 4!!! They are beautiful! So excited!!!

  9. GoldenVoicedGirl

    Lmbo! Omg, totally freaked out when I noticed you? replied to me! You’re awesome girl! <3 :)

  10. Rosa Hagberg

    You have? me checking the stores out! Haven’t found them : ( hopefully Thursday : )

  11. ApelilaAloha

    I? paid $7.99 at fred myers..:)

  12. ApelilaAloha

    As soon as i watched this last night I went to fred myers and I got it they just put it out I got two colors I’m so excited to have it…Lizzy thank you so much…Mahalo nui lua? beautiful wahine:)

  13. Torie W

    Fred Meyer is only located in? Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska. 😛 Hope that I find these at my Freddy’s.

  14. 1LifeLiveIt72

    Thanks for the preview Chica! I’m excited to? see the line!

  15. celeste pereyra

    So? cute :)

  16. michellesvanity

    thank? uuu!!! hopefully i’ll get them soon 😉

  17. makeupbyyesi

    Can’t wait? to check them out!

  18. Lizbeth H

    U live in L.a so do u know if target will have it?
    I been to a lot of? targets and their milani products do not get refill! Idk if target is going to stop selling it. .if u find out let me know girl! And thanks for telling us:) woop woop!


    I just picked? one up thanks for the review

  20. MrsJennMarie

    Hi gorgeous!? So excited about trying the blushes 😀 XO



  22. rhon715

    I REALLY want all 4 of these blushes.I will be on? the lookout!

  23. Nicole Marie

    Can’t wait! I will be? on the lookout for these. I want all 4!!!

  24. ana dc

    im? gonna go check my cvs!! im sure they’re gonna be gone quick!!

  25. Tiffany Cao

    Are they going? to be at target?

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