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Shop Kat Von D at Sephora: How to get the Ruby Red Ombre Look Start with Painted Love Lipstick in Rosary and Underage Red Step 1: Use …

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25 Responses to “Ombre Lip How-To by Kat Von D”

  1. maeie4

    Love? it all!!

  2. Flowerqt18

    Kat*? haha

  3. Flowerqt18

    Kay is such a hottie. And I love the make up tutorials !!?

  4. LisaFreemontStreet

    ??? A-DOr-a….not adorable. ?? ? Haha

  5. LisaFreemontStreet

    Huge fan? of Adorable and Agogo…wear both all the time. :)

  6. no t cool

    I would? honestly go lesbian for Kat Von D

  7. Jasmine Sophia

    Am I the? only one who loves her voice? Hnnng so unique <3

    Gorgeous btw c:

  8. Lips&Lashes

    My fave is the Pink Ombre? ?. I really love your eye makeup also xo.

  9. Teresa Rodriguez

    You are? amazing kat i love you

  10. scarymo0on

    so cool !! definitly gonna try the look !!? love you kat <3

  11. SephoraJunkie71

    Your makeup line? is amazing! Loved the first lip duo the best, though all were great!

  12. cutiepatookie19

    Kat Von D is? so awesome and beautiful!

  13. roxslove3

    Nice :) I? love ombré, the first one was the prettiest

  14. flower81ful

    I dont like? this stuff

  15. flower81ful

    No me gusta?

  16. tinymuffinj

    Kat needs to have her? own makeup channel!!!!

  17. parisanism

    I love you? Kat xo

  18. Michele Edge

    KVD is stunning!?

  19. Dolcelorena

    Omg!? She is so pretty… Love her

  20. TheMechanicalfire

    Kat always? looks so flawless.

  21. Makeupbykareema

    hey? guys! please take 2 mins out of your time to check out my channel, i would really appreciate it Thank you! :) xoxo

  22. andrea burt

    I do appreciate that she does the? actual looks herself

  23. fiffinx

    Amazing, she’s so beautiful?

  24. Logan Brooke

    this is amazing? !

  25. MyBeautyGuide101

    I love the ruby red ombre? lip the best! Ombre lips look gorgeous

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