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25 Responses to “July Favorites! 2013”

  1. careluvzu

    i loveee the pillows? on your bed sooo pretty! awesome colour palette
    check out my videos if you have the time

  2. Kasandra Dzelili

    Stopped at 04:13…haha made my day!? 😛

  3. PrettyPerfectBeauty

    I lovedlovedloved your background in? your old room. Its going to get some use to! haha (:

  4. ItsLaurenGurl

    Hey guys! I’m new to youtube and I’ve put so much effort into my video and they’re not getting? veiws :( I would be so so so happy if you checked them out and subbed! I will sub back! Thank you!

  5. Skye12357

    I have the same exact heart shaped sunglasses in pink!! They’re so? cute!(;

  6. flowerrc07

    Eating chocolate everyday is? really good for u to live older but not too much chocolate

  7. Ashley Kirkpatrick

    Back to school?

  8. ILindzz

    Please dont let the quality of your videos slip? like this because youre in college, youre so distracted and all the background noise and stuff kinda ruins it :(

  9. mishelxoxo1

    yeah you’re right!!! i thought i was the? only one who noticed that !!

  10. Alovespll

    Love youre hair

    I’ve also uploaded a july favorites? so go check that out :) <3

  11. MacLovesOlives

    I love your videos, but I feel like you’re so? far away!! You’re too zoomed out!! (In my opinion atleast)

  12. unknownpotato1

    she stuck her middle finger up?

  13. tamz rahman

    Beauty crush mentioned the app Fresh.?

  14. trendyshoppers

    First off, THANK YOU for even giving us a chance. There is A LOT of competition in the YouTube beauty world and we work so hard? on our videos and editing them but it’s still so hard to to get people to notice you:( We figured we might give this a try! **We do fashion/beauty/DIY videos in HD!** Would you mind taking a really quick? look at our channel? HOPEFULLY you won’t regret it! THUMBS UP so others can see! It would mean so much:)?

  15. Elizabeth Nguyen

    I like your? room! :)

  16. unknownpotato1

    please add some more colour to your background because? this background is boring

  17. gleekforev

    did u gain? weight?

  18. unknownpotato1

    please add? some

  19. beautybabe645


  20. kate2561

    Omg I love the? nail polish !!!!!!! ?????????

  21. thesophieduncan

    please do some back to? school videos :)

  22. Busbybabelex28

    Helena Beat is my absolute favourite Foster The People? Song!

  23. ItsLaurenGurl

    Hey guys! I’m new to youtube? and I’ve put so much effort into my video and they’re not getting veiws :( I would be so so so happy if you checked them out and subbed! I will sub back! Thank you!

  24. pretzel876

    My? last name is Carter. :)

  25. Elizabeth Shipwright

    Totally love? the nivea lipbutters too Lindsey! I would recommend the vanilla and macadamia one because it’s even more amazing!

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