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25 Responses to “LA Ink S04E13 part5”

  1. StarmanChange

    while i dont? totally disagree with what aubrey did she shouldve said something to corey before the woman changed her mind so he could suggest a different placement

  2. harold steptoe


  3. diamondevon

    i was so fucking? excited to see that tat

  4. Tobias Tran

    Aubrey is such a BITCH! omg! what the fuck is wrong with this blonde? chick?! she needs to be fired right away. For god’s sake! KAT! Fire! This! Dumb! Ass! <3

  5. basman2006

    While i think that Aubrey was to negative on the idea, she was right to talk to her.
    you could clearly see that the woman wasn’t sure about the placement. and there is nothing wrong with thinking it over when it comes to a tattoo.
    I think Corey should have handed her the paper he was? working on so she could think about it with a good idea of how it would look.

  6. basman2006

    No he shouldn’t. it’s work. you always? have people you won’t like but you just have to deal with that yourself. not put that problem on anyone else.

  7. Cris Sánchez

    I don`t like Corey or Aubre at all. I think? they`re both really mean, I like his work but no the way he treats her

  8. doabmbieber

    Fucksake that was gonna? be the best tattoo ever!

  9. SupaSmarty y

    Omfg that aubrey thing is a bitch?


    2.13 NO SHE? DIDN¨T !!!!!!!!

  11. Jackibars

    thats none of her business. Kat is a professional tattoo artist. Aubrey doesn’t know shit about tattoos. Plus? she was getting something for her mother not a boyfriend. Family tattoos are much different.

  12. Blair Bass

    Say whatever u want about aubrey, she’s literally a dumb blonde, she talked a woman out of getting a beautiful tattoo, if u? have enough courage to walk into the tattoo shop, you shouldn’t let anyone fuck with your mind, about the decision you about to make!

  13. fieldsofheather69

    This is why i think they arent showing certain things. like aubry clearly did this purposely. ?

  14. TheSoulSucker6

    During the little interview parts, Aubrey talks as if it’s her tattoo shop. Honestly, I think she? was put on the show to make it more “interesting” because some people like drama.

  15. TheDropOutts

    Corey just needs to say “it’s me or her!!!” Choose Kat, me or that!!!!”?

  16. EazyWarrior

    I honestly cant understand why ppl stick up for aubrey. do you guys honestly think that its a coincidence that the whole shop hates her? i mean its not her job to fucking consult ppl on what the should? or shouldnt do. If she wants to show her dedication to the shop then she should be try to put ppl at ease about tattoos not scare them off and make them think twice about it. its a business its about money. shes so fucking dumb. and she proves my point by even thinking shes gonna be on the mural

  17. connections224

    how is kat and corey? abusive?

  18. ViktoriaVision

    This is ridiculous, Kat herself has told people to go home and think about their tattoo more. Like the girl with the Thor’s hammer she wanted to get for her boyfriend… Kat told her straight up “I don’t think? you should do this.”
    All that happened here was Aubrey dropped this woman a lifeline and the woman was OBVIOUSLY having second thoughts. You can’t plant doubt in someone’s mind about something as huge as a tattoo unless they were already having second thoughts. Aubrey did nothing wrong.

  19. OhhGabyGaby

    Kat looks kinda like Shakira @ the end of the? video

  20. Rungtiwa Jade

    omg? this is just so fucking fun!! haha stupidly Aubry…….!!!!!

  21. Lolagal123

    OMG , what the hell is wrong with Aubry !!!!
    Corey was doing an AMAZING job with that tattoo, and Aubry just HAD to open her big mouth? and ruin the whole thing. WHAT THE HELL !!

  22. connections224

    in some ways aubry was right about the placement of the lady’s tattoo but she shouldnt? have said anything. cory’s art is amazing!

  23. Aida Valentine

    Can someone tell me where? the next part of this vid is? I wanna see how it goes down (though I know corey quits)

  24. Elensarpixy

    i really don’t like aubrey, but i think? she is right. She helped that woman and that’s the most important thing in the world

  25. liz angel

    this episode is classic!!! “are? you sure you want a tattoo??? “LOL Aubry!!!! You NEVER say this in a tattoo shop!!!!!! dã…

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