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Tattoo made by LA Ink – Kim – LSD Trance.

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22 Responses to “LA Ink – Kim – LSD Trance”

  1. shanefal88

    I want to? hang out with that guy

  2. DunKnoThaMySpace

    I think she’s the best artist? there

  3. JB420mikehunt

    , ur not hitting things, there drums? and made to create a specific sound. music is sound in harmony u dumbass.

  4. cootje4

    woooow that tattoo is? so awesome!!

  5. fuckittyme


  6. CrIsStInKa


  7. Mike Lefevre

    shes hot?

  8. actorben

    Hey Kim! I’m a Chicago guy! Look me up next time? you’re in town.

  9. chronic999

    Sure the guys a tad bit weird but drummers have to read music notes as well you idiots. In? a classical or jazz concert you think the drummers are just bangin on drums? We can’t expect non musicians to understand

  10. crythisbloodforme

    stop saying hes ugly, this video isnt about looks, its about the tattoo. I think it looks great,?

  11. Jalmerk

    that might be one of the ugliest tattoos ever. and its gonna look even more shit in a couple? years when it fades and spreads a bit

  12. xTHUGLIFEx713

    your a dumbass drummers are musicians? bitch!

  13. MyBleedingDoll

    he’s ugly?

  14. C00chieSmash

    shut up dude ur getting? to technical and music is simple

  15. 872463051

    I’m not sure hitting things with sticks is music,? and it especially doesn’t involve music notes…

  16. C00chieSmash

    drummers make? music

  17. 872463051

    …but drummer aren’t musicians.?

  18. C00chieSmash

    he didnt design it?

  19. GiftedNq

    thats gonna? fade horribly

  20. 872463051

    Why did a? drummer get musical notes on a tattoo?

  21. SapphireandIron

    What a weirdo!?

  22. 900Impossible

    youre retarded?

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