New hair & Haul – Kat Von D Truth Palette, The Candy Jar, St Moriz, Ex Sneaker Posted by admin on July 18th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “New hair & Haul – Kat Von D Truth Palette, The Candy Jar, St Moriz, Ex Sneaker”

  1. Maitress T

    Ive not had mine cut in a year now.Its waist length so it? does not need shaping as such.

  2. Christina Ford

    you look stunning!
    Those cream color in the KVD palettes? always dry out SUPER fast!

  3. Christina Ford

    you look? stunning!

  4. negativeorange

    Omg so pretty!?

  5. beepseveninety

    Oww shame about the too-big-sized shoes, they’re cool. Are you not able to hand them back? I hate when these? things happen to me… haha :]

  6. Christina Greenland

    Hair looks? fab!

  7. 29vivalajuicy

    U look lovely x?

  8. sarahlkemple

    Luv d? fringe.

  9. Thedollydevine

    Love? your new hair!

  10. Laura M

    Your hair looks amazeballs Sarah :D?

  11. Nicole Murphy

    I love your new hair? cut! Suits you!

  12. ladylipstick100

    luvin your fringe!!! really suits you? xx

  13. TheEvilTeddybear1

    Oh and yay for the cream shadow? being named Finland 😀 I live in Finland 😀
    Such a shame that it can´t be used :(

  14. KayBeautyL

    I love your new hair cut it looks lovely!!? And them shoes are lush maybe get some of those foam insoles to make them fit OK got some propper thick ones from pound land when my shoes were too big at that worked oh and they’re so comfy haha =)

  15. TheEvilTeddybear1

    Your hair looks absolutely amazing Sarah :) Fringe looks? amazing on you :)

  16. Gia Butch

    You? look beautiful!

  17. bekik91

    loving the fringe! i want one so badly but the last time i had one it was a disaster i didnt suit it at all! makes me? sad! lol

  18. FoundOnFilm

    I’ve tried that but it’s solid :-/?

  19. FoundOnFilm

    I’ve got a feeling it’s going to drive me? crazy while it’s boiling hot here haha x

  20. CoolInOlympia

    Really cute cut! Great to see your? beautiful eyes!!!

  21. FoundOnFilm

    Thank you!! xx?

  22. XxSilentWhisperzxX

    Hair looks amazing Sarah!? :) xx

  23. shoujobarbie

    Try using a makeup fixing spray to? make the eyeshadow creme again! Might make it unpretty, but it should make it work again!

  24. Tiffany Filippini

    Your bangs? “fringe” looks freaking adorable! I loooooove it!!! I want to cut one soo bad, but its soo freaking hot here in Florida, I’m afraid it will drive me batshit because it will just get all sweaty being on my forehead! LOL! But it looks so super cute on you!

  25. xEmmaCuppcakex

    why dont u try warm up the teal colour with ur ring finger for a few mins?

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