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Like for more Get ready videos!! (get ready with me date night may be next!) 😉 (and yes. what’s with the music. lmao. escape in serenity for a bit k?! ;P Pr…

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25 Responses to “Get Ready with Me: Summer Day Glam”

  1. CaseyDia22

    I know the word’s being thrown around but? you are seriously flawless.

  2. 15shortii

    Love your dress? 😀

  3. Marlene Rodriguez

    I love this look especially the eyes!! It’s def not? too much! Work it hot mama!

  4. Sydenator

    How is your body so flawless after two? kids?! Your perfect!!!

  5. xoxowh

    Flawless! Beautiful :) miss the? twins! Xo

  6. GigisBeauty16

    Beautiful!!!!!? Im so jealous of your tan!

  7. xxxkatiemccarthyxxx

    She’s so down? the earth :)

  8. Alisha's Guide

    i love how huge the fan brush is =)?

  9. Allysa Anne

    putting on a lot of makeup for day?? hahaha i? do the same – whooo cares!! love yah!

  10. GoldenStateMind

    Gorge love all the? colors

  11. jjessicabeautyxo

    Hey everyone! I just started my beauty channel
    It would? be awesome if you checked me out! xoxo

  12. dianamedo

    haha, sorry I missed it, thank you for putting that out for me. anyways they got the exact same dresses 😀 ?

  13. anodracbo

    do you wet your beauty blender when you apply your foundation??

  14. Mona Garcia

    You are so pretty!… Where did you get that inflatable pool for your kids? I love it for my son.? Please let me know?

  15. belladelicious

    always looking? SO beautiful !

  16. cdavi43

    Very cute!?

  17. Ismary Fabregas

    I must? know :)

  18. Ismary Fabregas

    What make up brushes do you use?????

  19. lisaalonso23

    One word…GORGEOUS!!!?

  20. Shaira Torres

    you diddn’t do lashes!!! but your natural eyelashes are still? cute :)

  21. Anastasiia Dulger


  22. Tamara Johnson


  23. beccascloset

    ? ? ? ?? ?? ?
    With millions of fashion/beauty YouTube channels on here, it’s hard to get discovered.
    My name’s Becca. I’m pretty broke,
    I’ve never had a lot of money but I LOVE beauty & fashion.
    I thrift shop I want to inspire teens to do the same!
    I do shopping tips, mix and match looks, thrift hauls, ect.
    I want to show girls? fashion doesn’t have to be expensive!
    Everyone? has to start somewhere, please give me a chance.:]
    It’d help me pay for college & open doors for my dream! Thank you! <3

  24. LinaBambinaxo

    hey guys! Look at my video? how to fix broken/cracked makeup :)

  25. LetsJazzItUp2

    the music in the backround made? me feel weird lol

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