LA Ink – Nikki Sixx’??s New Studio Posted by admin on July 12th, 2013 | Comments (25) | Kat Von D’s boyfriend Nikki Sixx is renovating his studio and Kat drops by to share some ideas. Watch LA Ink Thursday 12/11 @ 10/9c on…

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25 Responses to “LA Ink – Nikki Sixx’??s New Studio”

  1. SiriuslyBlack007

    Yeah, I don’t like taxidermys as well, but whining about worshiping death and buying dead animals is quite hypocritical as pretty much all of? us eat dead animals every single day. So there’s not a big difference, wether they throw the dead animal’s skin into a dumpster or they turn it into a taxidermy. Go to a grocerys and you’ll see tons of dead animals packed in plastic. These people who “worship death” love to live and therefore are not afraid of being curious about nature and other things.

  2. budsaplenty

    Nasty fuckin skunk trashy ho! a true white? trash garbage heap. Whens the last time you looked at live animals skank? wouldnt let this bitch clean my toilet

  3. ezmereldagreen

    Well what an well thought out intelligent answer!!!!! I quake with fear at your? razor sharp intellect….jeez….fuckin dumb pubbys

  4. EnemyMindControl

    You’re? stupid.

  5. ezmereldagreen

    Are you crazy? Anyone with a basic knowledge of psychology knows that the deathgang are just? depressed really and trying to express themselves….they are young and need understanding – nothing to do with politics.Anyway its proven that left wingers are more intelligent, intellectually and emotionally ,than right wingers….There is no communism in the states – you guys worship money and success and fuck those who dont measure up…depressing enough for anyone.

  6. EnemyMindControl

    There? are so many of these freaks today that worship death. I once wrote to Nikki and he wrote back and said LIVE!!!

    This culture of death is deplorable and fucking anti-American to it’s core, but then again the Communist that control America today love death, as long as it’s not them. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Let’s give the Communist swine some death and take back our country!!

  7. RitzDaCracker1

    how? creepy. Who wants a bunch of dead animals? haha

  8. mcchickinisgood

    as far as the public knows my friend is friend with nikki she? says kat and nikki still hang around eachother constantly who knows maybe they still are

  9. WIKILeaksIT

    @sing2end ur dad? must be a fag

  10. Alejandro Echeverria

    that’s not? Kat…Chuck Testa

  11. By Way Of Deception

    Wow, Kat is about as bright as a box of hammers.? Holy shit.

  12. shnarfers

    TLC – why on LA ink do you flash the viewers eyes every time they show the completed tattoo?? what is the purpose? your looking to see the finished work and every time a bright pulse of light camera flashes right at the highest viewed moment. is this how you do your viewers? a bright flash in the eyes is unpleasant, more when your eyes are not adjusted. what are you trying to do? this hurts and you know it so why?
    people should stop watching and beware.
    TLC please stop hurting your viewers.

  13. MissMichaelMyers

    Yeah, that told me the date they broke? up. Jesus christ. -_-

  14. DannyGurlA7X

    wow thats like? OLD news.

  15. MissMichaelMyers

    WOAAAAAAAAH, Since? when? :(

  16. evfan101

    Sadly they are no longer? together :/

  17. MissMichaelMyers

    Nikki Sixx and Kat Von D, the best couple alive.?

  18. SpikeWray1

    Where can I see all her ex’s heads??

  19. Wild1Rockstar

    what is? the name of this store ???

  20. necrazzar

    as his son you probably get tattoed for free damn i want? 1 dad like yours 😀

  21. phum4677

    why can’t my friends? be like her?!T_T

  22. amberlovely1

    Lol! That’s totally true! I don’t really hate that he calls me? that, but I do find it funny.

  23. TwistedWithin

    There’s nothing to “><" about XD it could have been worse: imagine that he'd called you "Amber? Bieber"… XD

  24. TwistedWithin

    I love the? furry pink thing XD I had never imagined that a dead animal could look so glam before XD

  25. amberlovely1

    Lol. My dad calls me Amber? Von D. ><

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