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Kat Von D Lipstick Set WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY coming this week. SUBSCRIBE! OPEN ME! Have any of you tried these products mentioned? Please Let me know below if y…

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25 Responses to “Sephora Haul Featuring The Kat Von D Lipstick Set For Future GIVEAWAY”

  1. debmick6176

    I am? following you on twitter. :)

  2. debmick6176

    I’m most excited to try Forever & Never. I’d wear it with a smokey eye. ?

  3. MacKenzie Badham

    I’m so excited that I found? you!! Keep it up! :)

  4. Shannon B

    I love this video! You are very beautiful and inspiring to watch :)

    If you have a chance, please look at my blog:

    Your opinion means sooo much to? me!! <33

  5. shannonthemerman


  6. NyanNiny

    Great haul! :) What’s the background music? It sounds? so familiar!

  7. CaseyCouture604

    They won’t! It will stay the same until the? end of the year love! <3

  8. babymariah

    Oh really I hope they dont change the gift? my bday not till July…

  9. RedVelvetStylez

    I Entered Im Sooooo Excited <3<3?

  10. DominosAndHearts

    I live in australia so i don’t think sephora is here, i? trust your opinion on the products always though :)

  11. CaseyCouture604


  12. CaseyCouture604

    I don’t think they’re identical either. I’ve never tried the full size though as I think it’s over priced for what it is. Then again,? it works well :) Mine is like that though, yes! <3

  13. CaseyCouture604

    Hey Cassandra, I wanted to personally thank you for being so sweet. Gave me a huge smile tonight! Thank you for? being such an awesome person! Hope to see you in my comments a lot! *hugs* <3

  14. CaseyCouture604

    No problem, It actually? means a lot you’re correcting me. I am horrible with foreign pronunciation! Thanks for being so sweet friend <3 *hugs*

  15. CaseyCouture604

    Awe, too sweet!? Thanks friend! <3

  16. CaseyCouture604

    Love it! <3 It works really great on the lashes! Do you have a sephora card? you could get? it on your birthday week! <3

  17. CaseyCouture604

    That really means a lot, I definitely don’t? make similar videos I don’t think. Mine are all over the place lol! <3 *hugs*

  18. CaseyCouture604

    Love yah? More Doll! <3

  19. CaseyCouture604

    So am I! LOL <3?

  20. CaseyCouture604

    Loves it!?

  21. CaseyCouture604

    Thank? you doll! <3

  22. CaseyCouture604

    Awe,? thanks! <3

  23. CaseyCouture604

    Amazing? right!??? <3

  24. CaseyCouture604

    I will definitely review that product then! Thank you love! *hugs*?

  25. CaseyCouture604

    Definitely enter! I totally agree, love? her makeup line!

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