THE 69 EYES – Official “X” Trailer (PART 3: “Rosary Blue” w/ KAT VON D) Posted by admin on July 6th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

Like the band at Click here to watch PART 1: Click here to watch PART 2:…

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25 Responses to “THE 69 EYES – Official “X” Trailer (PART 3: “Rosary Blue” w/ KAT VON D)”

  1. Mariella Kortés

    I Love Kat!! she is? my idol

  2. masbars

    love? you KAT!

  3. TurskaO

    It´s not at album?? ?

  4. Miranda Turner

    Rosary Blue is my fav song off of the album so far , it is so beautiful? and sad at the same time !

  5. HimVilleValoPoland

    Great idea? The 69 Eyes and Kat von D :)

  6. Arwen Undomiel

    This? album will be beautiful *______*

  7. Stuart Gillies

    cant waits to hear rosary blue

  8. Nettie Stein

    I’m so Excited for this Album, It’s so? dark and Beautiful, it’s everything that makes The 69 Eyes Them!

  9. North Nord

    Kat Von D? is an ugly degenerate.

  10. Yillver Cortes

    Cant wait to listen the entire album, and kat von d is just? amazing….

  11. TheBass500

    I CAN`T? WAIT!!!!

  12. Spyder

    Totally agreed. :)?

  13. metalgod1993

    looking? forward to the album! 😀

  14. HellsinkiVamps69Ozzy

    I am quite pleased that Bam has nothing to do? with this album.

  15. mrhanover

    the 69 eyes are back? bout time im sick? of listening to that wannabe rap shit on the radio

  16. morticiazombie

    Kat Von D. and The 69 Eyes!!! Sexy? and darkly erotic,yeah!!!

  17. 19566The

    X X X GREAT X X X?

  18. sk8teurdu44

    Kat Von D !!!?

  19. 1975tanathos

    Come to Poland? plese!!!

  20. GoldenOnyx17

    I’m in love. I’ve missed you guys. <3 This song? is beautiful.

  21. TheGothicbutterfly13

    <3 Awesome, can't wait to hear this, Kat Von D's voice sounds lovely, should be interesting to hear :)? x

  22. Ed A

    Kat? Von D + Jyrki69 = amazingness!

  23. 48Tamriko

    ?? Love it ?

  24. bella morte


  25. Wildefire42

    When Dregen came up I thought it was Jussi who just had a? swim :D!

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