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25 Responses to “la ink s05e03 part2”

  1. Lynne S

    Amy looks like she has had a really? bad dose of botox!

  2. Tom-Tom Holt

    I’ve been watching a lot of these recently and? this is not the first time she’s said Rocket Surgery 😛 I think it’s an Ace lil saying

  3. doabmbieber

    Okay? Liz, you don’t fit in, bye.

  4. chachathatsmee

    Why does Amy draw on her lips like that!? Just why?…?

  5. ebonybabyful

    I just love Amy, her personality is just so heart warming. She makes me want to give her a big hug.
    She may not be the “best” tattooist in the industry, but shes definitly up there, shes got? talent.
    But i hate paulie and aubry, they just piss me right off.

  6. teraterakhan

    unless you’re saying i’m stupid b/c it’s obvious that? she’s screwing it up on purpose? seriously, i’m curious about where that comment came from lol

  7. teraterakhan

    why do you say that? the correct term is “rocket science”. i was just saying that when she says “rocket surgery” it’s funny to picture. how does that make me stupid? > >?

  8. kat1639

    you are another? kind of stupid

  9. Aleshanation

    I thought this was LA Ink, not LA Ink and their? rejects’ tattoo shop….

  10. TheKieshaKiesha

    hahaha kats? all fucked on drugs lol

  11. TheKieshaKiesha

    amy sucks holy shit. ppl with no creativity and artistic ability r the? only ppl who get tats by that weirdo

  12. dragonfreakx8989

    liz? is hot

  13. TheEvilDuck93

    N’awwwh? Amy is sweet =]

  14. Ravelyn Ong

    Amy Is pretty in this? episode!

  15. KillerBuzzTattoo

    liz is still? hot.

  16. flashpointlover1

    It’s not rocket surgery.?

  17. Lolagal123

    I love how Amy calls? everyone “kiddo”. Hehe, it’s cute :)

  18. smpn11wz

    Rocket surgery: ” a play on words which? mixes two common metaphors: “rocket science” and “brain surgery”

  19. will spain

    shes said rocker surgery in so many episodes and your the first one whos commented i thought i was the only one who noticed hahaha kat? is so stupid XD

  20. rybokrispy

    uuhh rocket surgeory??

  21. girl123interrupted

    I hate when a girl? says “hey boys” because you can’t say it without sounding like a sleaze.

  22. zaqua3

    Its a combination of its not brain surgery and? its not rocket science its like saying some thing stupid to some one stupid

  23. Holliluvzyew

    I love amy!? Shes so nice!

  24. deesan82

    it’s? not rocket surgery people! lol

  25. Nadia2015

    Wow Kat was mean to her manager just? for telling her she doesn’t have to do inventory.. She’s was only trying to be nice… Kat’s a bitch sometimes

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