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25 Responses to “Super Blended Eyes with Kat Von D Ladybird Palette”

  1. Honesty White

    New camera? I enjoyed the way? this one was filmed AWAY from the door Emily. And a lot closer to your face in the intro so I could see the makeup more clearly

  2. SoniaIsMyName5

    Hi Emily! You have thought me so much about makeup and I am really great full for all your honest and amazing videos! I started making videos too and I would love for you to check them out! I am not asking you to subscribe or anything it would just be soo cool to say that YOU watched one of my videos:) well thanks for? even reading this. If you even are!:):)

  3. Blaize B

    Get her pallette in saint! I’ve used it up!? Her eyeshadows are perfection!

  4. GlossandSparkle

    I’m not a huge Kat Von D fan, but I am interested to? try this palette.
    ~Gloss and Sparkle

  5. Sean Williams

    nice video ?

  6. Alisa Marie

    Did you see that the individual Lorac eyeshadows are on sale marked down? from $19 to $6?

  7. prettyinpink096

    Emily can u pls do? an updated makeup collection

  8. Lillie Cothran

    Thanks Emily…I have? been looking at Kat’s line and was wondering how well they would do.

  9. Isela Valenciano

    your eyes look really green? in this video.

  10. venicegal89

    Hey guys!? Please come check out my beauty channel as well, I recently posted a few haul videos & some fashion lookbooks! Thanks :)

  11. shortorderlife10

    I saw them at? Meijer!! I think you would have a Meijer somewhere by you in Illinois?

  12. Pinkalicious10001

    Do you know of a drugstore dupe to that warm? orangey shade you used?

  13. abigailhurtado36

    Can u do the dark purple? palette from kat von D i got it yesterday and cant think of any daytime looks

  14. OneBeautyAddict

    Beautiful! This is? nice for everyday wear

  15. bserk84

    Hey emily .. Love watching ur videos.. Love from? india

  16. Summer Rosepetale

    Hi? everyone!

    I’ve been doing YouTube for a few months now and I already know that YouTube is something I love doing; especially when amazing people like you interact! 😀

    So if you enjoy watching videos on beauty, fashion and more; feel free to stop by and let me know what you think. It would absolutely mean the world to me!

    Thank you so much for reading this comment :) Can’t wait to see you at my channel <3

  17. IEatBitches4Breakfas

    I have been watching your videos for 3 years and I just noticed your? eyes have green in them lol

  18. Joanne Botello

    i loooove kat? von d! i have soo many of her products! i would like too see more tutorials with her cosmetics and perhaps more dramatic tutorials :)

  19. toofaced18

    Hey everyone!(: I just created a? new beauty channel, and could really use some feedback, love, and support form all you guys!
    I’m very sorry for the spam, it’s the only way I can try to be noticed!
    I have a love for fashion and beauty, and would love to share it with all of you!
    My goal is to eventually reach 1,000 subscribers, but I can’t reach that goal without you!
    If you have the time, please check out my channel and let me know what you think. It would mean the world to me! Thanks <3

  20. Trine Asen

    Thanks! I can’t believe I got an? answer from the one and only Emily! Like I said, I really was just curious. It just shows that you have subscribers for all of the right reasons :) Love you so much!

  21. lanene93

    ahh i wish you? would post everyday.. ahaha

  22. emilynoel83

    no i haven’t! But i’ve been? looking!

  23. Chris Undow

    Have you seen the? new maybelline pigments??

  24. Valerio9170

    I’m so glad you finally did a Kat Von D tutorial, I love her eyeshadows, and? have been waiting for other’s to catch along! :)

  25. trisha60

    hey gorgeous girl, ur such an inspiration to my channel and i have been subbed for ages, i recently hit a huge milestone of 10k subs, so im doing much better than i thought, please come and check out? my channel!!! xxx

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