Did Deadmau5 Cheat on Kat Von D? Posted by admin on July 3rd, 2013 | Comments (24) |

Deadmau5 and Kat Von D have called off their engagement, with Kat accusing the DJ of cheating. Subscribe to the Fuse YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/fuseSub A…

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24 Responses to “Did Deadmau5 Cheat on Kat Von D?”

  1. Aaron Perez

    I agree with Charles lee, but I’m almost certain he did cause he seems like he doesn’t give a shit and an asshole, I’m of fan of his music not if him? as a person

  2. charles lee

    who gives? a shit?

  3. Laritza Rosario

    He? didnt

  4. expressionvloggs

    omg arrested development theme wedding? :O

  5. Yahuveh Final-Warning

    WORLD? Prophecy-MyBeloved Children! Your OWN LANDS betrayed you.Satan’s Global Army.Demonic Fallen Angels.SEED of CAIN.Trickery,Illusion,Prosthe­­sis,Make-Up.ACTORS{Presidents­,­Govs,Media,Sports,Pope,Hinn,­Os­teen,et}Reptilian Shapeshifters & Human CLONES.USA-Evil John F. & Jackie Kennedy? are NOT DEAD!Pretends as? Pres.J.Carter/Wife.BUSH Demon Network respons.NY-9/11 2001.Exposing!GREAT HORROR,SORROW,DESTRUCTION,DEAT­­H COMING.Warn/Prepare!!Seek ME for Instruction.Psalm 91. Wellaware1dotcom.

  6. domperry01

    what has two thumbs & doesn’t give a fuck? me ?

  7. Hurgenblurgen Bippitybop

    Joel would never cheat…. I think they are a perfect couple, just kat is sort I paranoid when it comes to cheating and stuff. She? accused him of cheating shortly before their engagement too….

  8. codyjames876

    Ill marry kat, no worries, lol?

  9. Neck Trick

    God, these comments are retarded! Deadmau5 (Joel) did not cheat on kat. Period.? Joel aint like that….

  10. sebastien debe

    hes not a dubstep artist?

  11. mcyale2

    Deadmau5 is the biggest asshole that ever hit dance music but I don’t think he would do something that trashy. It seems like? one big misunderstanding.

  12. Jonathan Holt

    Deadmau5 have about one dubstep song, which is not only dubstep? but progressive house. And Deadmau5 is an amazing artist, Deadmau5, Daft Punk and Dada Life are one of the best electronic artist I know off!

  13. skull5pub

    No, joel didn’t cheat on? kat!

  14. Dustin Whipple

    if he did hes a fuckin dumbass kat is not only an AMAZING tattoo artist shes always extremely beautiful. and besides deadmau5? aint that good of a dubstep artist

  15. Eric Watson

    facebook on the? computer in the background, hard work

  16. seb ward-sale

    Arrested development wedding!!!!!!?

  17. Meshari B Sunshine

    let him? do whatever he wants ,, hes deadmau5 !! xD

  18. RobbieSuede13

    Kat von d is a dumb? broad anyway, i wouldnt date her..

  19. MissCutiePie20


  20. Bilal Naeem

    It’s like Deadmau5 is? Ross from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Deadmau5 should just said “WE WERE ON A BREAK”

  21. Ruby Rodd

    im actually not attracted to her but i can see? why others are

  22. kp11111111

    Who gives? a rat’s shit?

  23. Natalie Mercedes

    Eh Idk either way she could do way? better :/

  24. TheSkabbeth

    Read? their argument on twitter this morning. Kat can get anyone she wants, shes a babe!!!

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