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This was my first tattoo ever ! And I got it while on my vacation in USA at LA ink 😀 It was so much fun and the people there was so nice 😀 But it hurt like…

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24 Responses to “Getting tattooed at LA ink”

  1. Reno San

    Very pretty. 😀
    I? fell asleep for my first two tattoos. I didn’t wake up until he was almost done with the second one. xD

  2. duckofdoom100

    thats an amazing 1st tattoo! my 1st tattoo was large? too.

  3. Supersexy451

    Ah the? magic of concelar

  4. N1njaG1rl .

    That shouldent stop a cosplayer? XD heard about concealing it ? 😉

  5. Supersexy451

    Only thing that stinks about getting a tattoo is you can’t wear like any skirts for cosplay you’ll just wear have to wear pants so it doesn’t show:) love the tattoo though?

  6. N1njaG1rl .

    hahahah XD thank you :D?

  7. ILoveYouBillPro

    *watches video normally*? *hears lucifer and dies* OMFG LOVE IT!

  8. N1njaG1rl .

    Thank you so much 😀
    Impressiv !? strong girl !

  9. charli conner

    That tatt looks so cool…& my 14 year old? daughter never crys she can’t she has no tearducks.& her cuz gives her fake tatts with the neddle & it doen’s hurt her.

  10. xXlunacosplayXx

    no thats normal my mom does that alot (crys when she is mad)
    but that is sooo cool if i got a tattoo? i would probably cry like a baby XD (i just hate pain)

  11. N1njaG1rl .

    nope, I never cry XD exept when i get reaaaaaly mad… for some reason i start to cry when? im mad o_O wierd XD

  12. xXlunacosplayXx

    omg O.O all of that seems painful and u? were brave enough to get a tattoo and i did not even see u cry!!! u have to be the bravest person i have ever met…

  13. N1njaG1rl .

    It is the most painful thing I have ever felt XD and i have dislokated my nee 5 times and broken my arm in 2 at 2 different places, and had 4 iros skrews skrewed out of my bone without any morfin XD?

  14. xXlunacosplayXx

    that looked like it must have hurt O.O >.< u are sooo brave and it looks supper? cute

  15. lulllymind

    SOOOOOOOO jealaous DX!! looks amazing bte [:? congrats xD

  16. stephyk94

    Wow! Your tattoo is amazing! The? detail is just wow!

  17. N1njaG1rl .

    Thank you so much <3
    Haha XD?

  18. kawaiiikyou

    I love your tattoo, it’s awesome!? ^^
    *sings along* Shinee~?

  19. pein uzumaki

    your tattoo is amazing 😀 i love your cosplays to ?

  20. sillychild23

    that is fricken epic? mate. Wow!

  21. N1njaG1rl .

    tusen? takk 😀

  22. N1njaG1rl .

    yush ! 😀 så gla an faktisk ikke blei sletta XD?

  23. 08julie89

    love the song <3 hahah *dancing along* Shinee? <3 <3

  24. GothicNecromancer

    Awesome… Gratulerer!?

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