Kat Von D’s Go Big or Go Home teaser video with Bobcat Goldthwait Posted by admin on June 23rd, 2013 | Comments (24) |

I’m so excited to share some sneak peek, behind the scenes stories from my latest book, Go Big or Go Home, available everywhere on April 16th! Pre-sales avai…

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24 Responses to “Kat Von D’s Go Big or Go Home teaser video with Bobcat Goldthwait”

  1. Roman Bachev

    its 2013 and im 18 ..i remeber watching the ink series all night every day when i was? 13 …love Kat Von D …wish i could get a tatto from her …shes an amazing artist ..much love

  2. MissMunster88

    I use to LOVE Bobcat’s movies as a kid. I went through a? phase where all I would watch was Bobcat haha. So great to see his face again and his bigger than life personality!

  3. peonyplanter

    Great video Kat – am definiately? getting your book – congrats! :)

  4. Xyphare Christel

    what an exquisitely done video to promote the new book. so looking forward to what’s to come. I already feel inspired just from these short videos. hope to see? more!

  5. Calvin5040

    who is bobcat’s tattoo???

  6. cindy devine

    Can’t wait to? read the new book!

  7. CKPixiUSA

    I? love bob cat…not sure if the younger crowd knows who he is but he’s a funny guy

  8. CharleneHunt12

    The cover looks great! I pre-ordered as a gift for my Daughter for Easter.
    Good luck and all the? best for success:)

  9. Patty Romero

    Please Kat, add some LA dates to your book? tour.

  10. jose antonio Echeverri

    Kat tattling? not like but I love music deadmau5 me as you with that some people say it fails with joel.

  11. MsZuzyQ

    Im such a big fan ! ! Please keep uploading vids love to see them… One day kat ima have mula .. n I will go to u so u could ink me up …? O e day I have faith …. Ur my way of going big or go home… Luv u !

  12. martaredpassion

    I need that book? :(

  13. martaredpassion

    “Go big or? go home” ..

  14. MrMTS1998

    Wats? the book called??

  15. ItsABXD

    Yay!! Plz plz plz come? down to Birmingham Englnand!

  16. CaseyCouture604

    Kat you are awesome!? Never stop posting! <3

  17. 33zyy

    I’d love? her to do the ‘draw my life tag’ !xx

  18. billgirly1000

    Please come to? germany

  19. Graffitiholicc

    Cant wait to see her? again!! 3(=

  20. saharastardust

    Cant wait to buy this book? :)

  21. NAYELLI420

    If only you’d see this! Golly I admire you so much kat from the time you started at Miami to the great heights you’ve? conquered at L.A I hope all goes well with you and your hubby much love from Texas!

  22. remembertheunknown

    get ur ass to newcastle in the uk please? id give? anything to.meet u in person :'( xx

  23. remembertheunknown

    ur a bloody amazing artist kat u definatly inspire most of my? actions x

  24. LaCherieJo

    So proud of you! <3?

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