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24 Responses to “La Ink s05e02part5”

  1. McKenzie Johnston

    I can’t stand aubrey or that liz bitch. SSo fucking annoying i could kick them both in their trashy looking annoying fucking cunt faces. ?

  2. sierrasaursrex

    why is aubrey still on? the show!?

  3. md6714

    liz is? creepin a bit

  4. Melkor Darthexes

    @Diabetty115 No, it shouldn’t. Learn your? Spanish. The tattoo is correctly spelled

  5. Diabetty115

    Should be “La vida es? L’aventura”

  6. kaoruthecat

    Am I the only one that think I could do a better job in that position Liz has, with zero drama?! Common,? it can’t be that hard, don’t be a bossy beaaatch!

  7. 23msvolha

    maybe they? should’ve hired Ashlee :-)

  8. ElliePoynter96

    Wow.? You could use Liz as a football her heads so far up her ass!

  9. CeCe Alves

    She’s busy? She was on her? phone.. >.>

  10. uaintheardnothinyet

    02:33 is? so blatantly added in during editing!

  11. VeryYoungGrasshopper

    i wonder how hard it? was for corey to not get a boner working with the blonde girl

  12. rammstein284

    i dont like liz either…pixie is the best! <3?

  13. flashpointlover1

    Liz? is crazy.

  14. thevirtualnightmare

    what is the big fucking deal why cant any of? the tattoo shows ever have a stable shope manager?!!?! lookat this show, then look at the show ink’d, miami ink!

  15. WilderWein77

    Liz is only interested in the job title and being high up on the shop hierarchy. She should concentrate on? doing her damn job.

  16. xMyChemicalNirvana

    When exactly did they start calling? the shop High Voltage? Maybe I’m remembering wrong, but I thought it was called LA Ink at the beginning, and Pixie always used to answer the phone “Tattoo shop”. I didn’t hear anything about High Voltage until like season 3. Am I just remembering wrong?

  17. titanic1224

    Why do people keep saying “this is LA ink not american electic!” Umm american elecrtic is in la and kats shop itsnt called la ink its called high voltage! this isnt just obout? her shop and between the two hers is the most faked.

  18. nopainnogain4988

    I also hate Liz?

  19. MageeshGaming

    Im sure kat just hires people who she thinks will be good for entertainment value since the show started going downhill. time to move on? :/

  20. R1DV4N91

    @Tacha1987 yea right,,,its bullshit,this is LA? ink not some Electric shit or wathever,,

  21. Maree Standing

    I wish Ami, Paulie & Aubrey would just go away, why do we need to see what ? these losers are doing who gives a rats

  22. serena hannah

    from super lazy? to super cocky, shop managers must hard to find!

  23. musikismine

    wtf, when it’s not a dumbass that’s hired it has to be a bitch. ugh.?

  24. Justine Yu

    I HATE LIZ from the very beginning?

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