The 69 Eyes ft. Kat Von D – Rosary Blue (Lyrics) Posted by admin on June 17th, 2013 | Comments (23) |


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23 Responses to “The 69 Eyes ft. Kat Von D – Rosary Blue (Lyrics)”

  1. Sergioarturo1231

    What the? hell…

  2. SirEristoffHD

    this song makes me? cry

  3. SirEristoffHD

    i love her? voice!! <3

  4. T.R. Foussard

    Fuck, I? love this song so much, for some reason.

  5. Pren Dedaj

    Jyrki doesn’t sound nothing like Ville,Ville sucks…
    Jyrki69? rules!
    And yeah good song!?

  6. John Gollub

    Kat Von D you sound awesome lady. Again another awesome song from? an awesome band. Gotta love the bands from Finland

  7. Laura Roberta

    What a pleasant surprise, I assumed this would be terrible but its actually quite lovely, Kat has a voice reminiscent of Courtney Love or Concrete Blonde with that beautiful husky “croak”, and he sounds? like Ville.

  8. sztuniaa

    I love? this song , I love Jyrki …. forever ;]

  9. gunnar abrahamsson

    I usually? dont like ballads ore calm songs. But this one makes me calm and nostalgic

  10. VeivarilolHotChicks

    im from Finland and Kat Von D is hot !

  11. cory75FI

    cool song, we need an official vid for it, at X trailer they allready have some done. Just release it all, ty!?

  12. elluellux

    I like this song very? very much.

  13. JokingGada

    This? is best song now :) ?

  14. karlos arevalo

    GOD I’m lonely here if that’s what you’re hoping…^w^? (u_u)

  15. jare galle

    69? eyes is from finland and i´m too from finland <33333333333333333

  16. andysixx616

    I love helps me calmly think a bit better..<3?

  17. helsinkivampvalo

    This? helps me think a bit better :3 its good to knw im not the only one with a problem like this…
    Helsinki Vampires forever 3

  18. Sonia Franzoso

    Bella Kat? ?

  19. Yuki de Valo

    uh T.T
    llore? mucho

  20. Heidi Heldan

    Ihana? <3 Love Kat <3 :)

  21. lerelii

    It’s? so beautiful…

  22. ????? ???????


  23. Isabel bergh

    excellent this song make me cry,? my fave song <3

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