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20 Responses to “LA Ink s05e10 part2”

  1. tattooremoving


  2. Clarence Smith

    the producers put it in a? way to show him like that to show that theres conflict. listen carefully to corey’s voice how it changes tones and they never show him talking. don’t believe everything.

  3. Clarence Smith

    You can so tell that when corey was talking to dan.. the producers changed up coreys words just to make? him sound like a douche. The sentences are cut off and the sound behind his voice is different.

  4. ahronical

    the rooster looks very childish. it’s a tat for a 10 yr old?

  5. The8am8am

    You don’t speak for everyone cock end!?

  6. dtp056

    go? write a fucking blog, no one wants to read ur comment

  7. TheKieshaKiesha

    hes getting a COCK on his arm holy? shit and hes a fag lol

  8. Mike shistaros

    What the brob is that kat is over over ignorant with the shop focusing on her ways and her profile and doesnt take time off for her shop and she takes corey for granted as u saw there ppl coming there just for him he is one of the best he is the one that supported her for her carrier her life he is a close friend and she totaly ignore he needs and his words and he is like full time there and lets that dan dude going on tour Also she hires liz she is a manager not cleaner? she doesnt fit there

  9. scholte

    agreed.? But they seem real sweet

  10. scholte

    I get a feeling that kat when she looks away is reading cue lines or something? 3:02

  11. ashleylovemakeup52

    i love AMY? to shes soo cute

  12. flashpointlover1

    Haha Amy’s awesome! I love how she calls everyone kiddo lol?

  13. wutangapples2

    That Rooster was the worst tattoo Ive ever seen…..?

  14. Jennifer11233

    I like that they’re showing American Electric, once Aubry’s left there, it’ll be good. More? art, less drama.

  15. SuperDP1991

    Corey turned in to an arrogant ass hole and I hate? him

  16. shroom248

    dude,did? you just u like to hear her squeal?…..sooooo creepy

  17. piercingsbyterry

    isnt that the kellogs cornflakes? rooster. wierd

  18. jimmorrison123456

    Kat and Corey need to swallow? their pride and get over it

  19. zizzilock

    no it comes down to the fact that Dan can do what he wants and go off in his band. Kats loyalty should lie with corey as he has helped her entire career. She does not value him,? is not a good manager and sends out mixed messages to her employees. She also hired liz who is over qualified and the wrong fit for the job. Its Cats fault for being a poor manager and trying to promote her own profile rather than looking after her best staff

  20. Ana Seranno

    Good Dan…. smart guy….
    Corey started being jealous of Dan and started listening to Liz´s b.s.. That´s been the source of the trouble. Also, Kat doesn´t “need” her rock anymore and Corey feels useless.
    Rooster?mmmm, but love the N8 idea.
    I love to see Kat smile? and hear her squeal.

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