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Come back every Friday this month to see another timed makeup challenge! 10 minute makeup challenge: http://youtu.be/r9ogio6f-_c Previous video: http://youtu…

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25 Responses to “5 Minute Makeup Challenge- JaaackJack”

  1. Ellie Dalton

    YAY I love when you upload! please check out my channel, Im a new british? beauty vlogger, Thankyou in advance! :) xxx

  2. Kristiana Caraos

    Hi everyone!
    Im? new in youtube so pls help me to get famous…pls watch my videos and hopefully subscribe:)It will mean a lot to me:) xoxo

  3. Tan Pob

    Jackie you should do a great? gasby inspired hair tutorial! :)

  4. giulia6th

    boring :(?

  5. Fashionistaemma

    EEee! EEee!? Ooh nah ooh! Eeeeee!

  6. OllyTheRandom

    She is:) I’m pretty sure anyways x?

  7. mayfunkymonkey

    next can you do the 3 minute makeup challenge? TAG

  8. Emily C

    How long does it take for u? to do your makeup daily??

  9. Cho Roemersma

    Wow, that look in 5 minutes :p. don’t think I could do it! I guess I would mess it all up because I’d get soooo freaked out! And I had to laugh so much when you and your EEEE noises haha! I was totally EEE-ing with you? :p.

  10. Alexa Marie

    You should put some music in the background to help build tension, lol!?

  11. Heather Habeger

    Great job Jack Jack you look amazing? as always. My may have to do this tag could be fun.

  12. subidokate14

    You’re? good…I can’t do that

  13. Inês Capela

    I love it when you say “eeeeee” it’s very? cute!

  14. Angellica Carreon

    Aww I haven’t been? to the Philippines in a long time

  15. AboutSomethingPretty

    Yay!!! You did awesome!! I’m gonna try to do this tag, did the 3 minute challenge one which was quite fun, hopefully I can do a lot more in 5? too 😀

  16. CelineMakeUp

    Pretty good for? 5 minutes !

  17. FantasiaBliss123

    Love the? look:)

  18. thehapagirl92


  19. SaraSally04

    ~Hi! Please check out my channel!
    ~I upload videos every week 2-3 times
    ~Hauls, Makeup Tutorials, OOTDs? and more…!
    ~Take 5 seconds and check out my channel!
    ~Thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE! :)

  20. prettypixiedust666

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! haha? cuteest noise ever

  21. Erin Te

    del mar fair??

  22. meshellii1

    Love when you say “eeee!” haha it’s adorbz x)?

  23. Christy Wang

    sooooo goood~~~~u look sooooooo pretty~~~~?

  24. Jill A


  25. ChelseaRene J

    you dont? really need? foundation! :)

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