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23 Responses to “LA Ink – New Episode 7/30*”

  1. Monica Marcum

    Dude…I use to look up to Kat, but? have YOU seen the way the treat her? They never did like her from the start! She is annoying, and complaining about it, but if it is that bad, if I were her I would have quit a LONG time ago! But they HATE her, she is only trying to suck up and be nice as bend on her ass to keep HER job, because they already hate her as is. I would do the same, Kat can be a bitch…and thats only the start!

  2. redrum18751501

    Kat turned into? a total nut case in new episodes, cory is a loser also. basically the new crew sucks…..


    Aubrey is a much better person than any of them. Only one I used to like was Corey, but he disapoints me, Hes like a girl talking and laughing behind her back. Even? in front of her face he disrespect her,thinking she dont understand his sarcasm,just because she dont want to get in trouble and lets it pass without making a scene about it. I hate people like Kat, that other old ugly tattobitch, who ever her name is, and Corey. Hope Aubrey becomes real famous and make more money than them all


    Yea. Saw this episde today(i know, its old), and shes the best thing that ever happened to this lousy show. They all treat her like? crap. When they fire her, Im sure she will be fired for some lousy reason in the next episode or two, I will not watch any more episodes of that ugly painted diva bitch Kat and that other ugly, grompy old lesbian tatto bitch. I used to like Corey but hes become a diva too and acts like a bitch also and backtalks and laughs behind Aubreys back. Disgusting people

  5. acurais1

    yeah they all suck to did this end or are they going to? have new episodes ..did miami ink end also..

  6. adonismateos

    maybe, but the guys in miami ink are fags. atleast kat doesnt do cheesy butterfly tattoos like dem kooks do in miami. in the end they are all hyped up more than they should, but la ink i think has more quality than miami or? that shit las vegas show

  7. acurais1

    Serpo i agree fuck kat von d she is a racist and always picking on aubrey.if she didnt feel her she shouldnt hire her.that shop is among friend they dont look at how good u r as a artist or worker they only wany people that are friends.cory is a fag for fighting and arguing with women like u said they are not that much of great artist. cory cant even take car of his kids bum coke head . fuck? kat that why she got kick of miani ink cause her personality sucks

  8. WebkinzTVchannel

    what? season and episode is this!

  9. WebkinzTVchannel

    yer right
    i think aubry should? just leave
    but really,if she left,there wouldnt be anymore drama for awhile at LA ink

  10. nanlisa

    Aubry had no business taking down Kat’s portrait and putting hers up; without Kat’s permission. How about when? she brought Paulie in and couldn’t get him any work because Dan, Corey, and Nikko have first priority.

    Yes, Aubry may need the money, but let’s face it: she doesn’t belong there. She’s just simply way too sensitive and Kat is very demanding.

    If Aubry’s not working out, then Kat should either fire her or else she should quit. Why cause any more problems that the shop already has?

  11. Serpo71

    Oh, and Corey blew his brains out on dope back in the eighties. He and Kat are the luckiest dumbfucks in the tattoo world. I mean they’re decent artists. But by no means are they the best or world class for that matter. Both Corey and Kat need to lose their fucking egos because? that aint that good.

  12. Serpo71

    I am so sick of Kat von D and Corey Miller thinking they are gods gift to the tattoo world. They’re are so many tattoo artists that are so much better than they are. Take Mike Giant for example, his tattoos are leaps and bounds better than anything Kat or Corey has ever done(too bad he has retried from tattooing).? Im telling you, both Kat and Corey started out as scratchers, no apprenticeship for either of them. And i promise you, Kat blew loads of cock to get where she is today.

  13. lightheadedman1

    fucking rock of love girl
    dumb as? fuck

  14. jennycandy

    YUCK! That blonde? is sooooo trampy i dont like her and thats just from this one clip! Kat should fire her arse!

  15. RIPIzzy022404

    something tells me that maybe this just isn’t the right environment for Aubrey’s um…? vocational skills 😐

  16. iiwuvmypuppy

    Corey gets on my nerves SO MUCH!!!!! Aubrey has been trying her best and they treat her like shiz. I? cant stand any of them. I love aubrey though.

  17. saro fago

    the worse part when aubrey replace kat’s pictures on the? wall and left it on the floor

  18. StarbucksRobot

    I don’t know why Kat didn’t fire her, even after? she said she didn’t like her.
    When I thoguht she was about to, she just gives her another chance. -.-

  19. Marlene E

    did? that girl come out in rock of love

  20. danjuanness

    I hate the blonde chick!
    But i can’t wait for the new show? tonight.

  21. xXD3BriTtXBabExX

    i dont like her eww audrey?

  22. pinkprincess8910

    uggh the blonde chick is so? freakin’ annoying!

  23. JillnRe

    Ughh I hate Aubrey

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