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For more, visit At the Linda Perry Charity Event, Kat Von D offers her services.

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19 Responses to “LA Ink- Tattoo Auction”

  1. jenn10950

    LOL check out the woman on the right of Kat @ 1:23, it looks like the lady has? a big black soggy diaper on !!!!!! LMFAO !!

    As far as Kat being goofy and a wonder about how shes any good !! WTF !! really?? KAT KEEP GOING AS YOU ARE, YOUR AWESOME AND BEAUTIFUL !! lucky gal !

  2. AndiieTee

    loll she? penetrates you

  3. DrCuddlesPhd


  4. DrCuddlesPhd

    it makes it so the people who dont know much about prices? go for high weed acid lsd mdma

  5. BoneCrusherJiuJitsu

    4 inch tattoo? estimated 1,000 dollars?

  6. hjames78

    Kat is such? a goof ball. Did you see how she walked up there and laughed lol. its a wonder how she is such a good artist, its funny but i still like her.

  7. EverydayNormalFreak

    It was a fund raiser as they said right in the video.?

  8. famousyoshi1

    what episode is on this?

  9. yu suk

    it must a big piece and you know if it’s kat that shit it’s? gonna look extreme

  10. hellogorgeous213

    wtf is? she wearing?

  11. ThePartyrockgirls

    Black hair on Kat = Great,
    Blonde hair? on Kat = YUCK,
    Red hair on Kat = eh not great but not too bad.

  12. justmypornaccount27


  13. bgitfunk

    no it does not, but i guess its an auction, so they are willing to pay? more than normal, seeing how high they go

  14. artbrained

    ? because it’s like buying art! :)

  15. pwninkev

    what the hell does it srsly cost? thousands of dollars to get a tat from kat?!

  16. AbsoluteFallout

    nipp…? i mean forth

  17. lids2000

    3rd?? :L

  18. EMOssY112233

    second comment!! muhahhaha?

  19. Elythawen W

    First comment! Yay!?

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