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Steve O gets a portrait tattoo of himself, at age 2, for his birthday.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink – Steve O”

  1. komodoweran

    nice all gold rolex?

  2. nate smith

    man he was beyond fucked? up

  3. harold steptoe


  4. InfectedByZanza

    he? has some nice shoes.

  5. Gabriell Bishop

    Damn he’s? high as fuck

  6. yellow5n


  7. DCFanatic7

    hahah he fell? asleep!!

  8. DCFanatic7

    not anymore? pal..

  9. KipKip Reads

    Probably not much because, when you do drugs before getting a tattoo, it thins your blood out so during the process of getting a tattoo, you would be? bleeding everywhere.

  10. xxsimpsxx9

    Hey congratulations. I know its a big accomplishment to get clean and stay clean. i wish you the best of luck to stay clean in the? future

  11. andrex1212

    our* man… that is probably my most commonly misspelled word from accidentally hitting? the ‘t’. I was actually hoping this episode was going to have more interesting shit like the show usually does… too bad!

  12. andrex1212

    I think it’s been closer to 4 years now actually :) I’m pretty sure he got clean in ’09 around March-ish? I could definitely be wrong though, I’m gonna check it out now since I’m curious. And now that I’ve checked I was actually pretty damn close; it doesn’t state the exact month but he did Dancing with the Stars in March 2009 and went into rehab in July ’08, so somewhere around there! I’m proud? of the guy, we both lost out Mom’s and I dealt with it using opioids… I’m also clean now though.

  13. andrex1212

    Then again… I banged an 80 of oxy before getting my first tattoo… made it a lot less boring. Although the dude who I got the tattoo from was a pretty cool guy; I figured I was gonna run out of? shit to talk about after 10 minutes. I’m clean now though so fuck off with all the “OMG DON’T SHOOT DRUGS THAT’S BAD DURRRRR”. I definitely would love to take a couple percs for the next one though since it definitely dulls the pain a bit.

  14. andrex1212

    Damn… how? much fuckin H was he bangin’ before the filming of this?

  15. Damian Real

    he got? no shoes

  16. Reid Smith

    not? anymore though

  17. ianwrecked

    Keith Buckley of ETID does? all the time. I have before, too. Oddly calming, I guess? I dunno.

  18. Kinespojken

    He’s probably the only person who’s able to fall asleep while? being tattooed.

  19. EvilLeparacaun

    glad he is sober now? lol,

  20. xxsimpsxx9

    not any more? hes been sober for over two years. i think its around that time anyway

  21. MrMrMo4

    he gets to the shop bearfoot
    fucking? awesome

  22. skateboardlover22


  23. Fuddlapper182

    Poor? Steve, he’s so fucked :(

  24. Neil Aspin

    Gouching on the? smack!

  25. iHalveien

    year before he got sober i think?

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