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25 Responses to “LA Ink – New Season Sneak Peek*”

  1. IrenaPrude

    Everyone? being so different they all start to look alike.

  2. Eleni Vlahos

    @socarulz? im guessing that so has every one else … 😛

  3. paperbackhead22

    omg, and? he did leave. you’re psychic. but hey, in this case, i guess we’re all. 😛

  4. ptgi22

    see that whole “other people” part makes you lose credibility. its not the same? ppl sayin the shit lol

  5. FreyjasFighter

    Lol Michael you douchebag!!? x)

  6. pinknicole1234

    seriously Kat is just doing her job? , Aubrey was ruining her business , after all how would you feel if you had your dream job and a blond bitch comes in your store or whatever and ruins it ?!!!

  7. pinknicole1234

    i’m with Kat she should fire the blond? bitch , but i don’t get 1 thing
    in this vid everyone is saying FIRE THE BLOND BITCH AUBREY
    and in the vid where Kat fires her u guys or other people are like OMG KAT VON D IS A STUPID BITCH , WHY DID SHE FIRE AUBREY ?? and seriously i just don’t get it !!!!

  8. mimi moffat

    how the FUCK does? Aubrey not know who KAT VON D is???????????? dumb bitch!

  9. WarchiefSchuldiner

    I? love Cory

  10. goetzemj

    Cory is so rude?

  11. offertorycardiacml

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  12. Amy Dodd

    she didn’t recognise? kat von d , thats a very bad sign.

  13. MissAlainey1991

    aubrey’s? a tit

  14. doubledensity

    Ruth Pineda,,,, cant? WAIT to see her on the new episodes…

  15. ch3rryl3m0nn

    aubrey´s like a skull. if kat dont listen, everything will? fall apart.

    maaaan… thats ridiculous. girl you need to be focused on what you really

    wanna do !

  16. Daisy72762

    Once again,KAT…..if you dont listen to Cory,your gonna lose? him! And nobody will blame him for leaving!

  17. GhettoPunktual

    what? happened to hanah and kim?

  18. GhettoPunktual

    what happened to kim and hanah? dont tell me they are gone.?

  19. MsSpecialkei

    Aubrey was there for ratings,drama sells, i didn’t get? why they hated her so much, let’s face it she maybe a ditz but, they didn’t try to get to know her.If kat had such a bad time with her there why didn’t step up and fire her, she’s the fucking boss!

  20. alex lezama

    i want to see? that episode and i cant find it
    someone help mee!!!!!!!


  21. thebigbodman

    ther must be loads of nutters in l.a with guns ,so why has,nt one of them gone into the? shop and shot aubrey the dumb bitch,get rid of the horse faced fuck…shit stiring bitch…she cant even talk english,stupid slag….i hate her ,she is fucking up the show with her blow job face

  22. burgess0513


  23. anonymousandcool

    I don’t get why Kat didn’t just say “My brother made a mistake, sorry, bye bye.” Oh well..I found out about the show because of all the promos where people are yelling at? Aubrey XD

  24. Daisy72762

    Worst hire EVER!!!! Kat,GET RID OF HER! Your gonna? lose Cory if you dont!

  25. Kozm3tiks

    In every shot that the camera man is filming, especially when kat or Cory are tattooing, Aubrey shows up out of nowhere and just hovers over the shoulders and pestering them about what kind of? tattoo their doing. Seriously, the only reason she does that is to get more camera time: it’s dumb, she probably gets more focused on than Dan and Corey combined!

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