KAT VON D LADYBIRD PALETTE TUTORIAL 3 Posted by admin on May 25th, 2013 | Comments (16) |

The third and last look using the Kat Von D Ladybird palette from Sephora. Thumbs up and subscribe if you like this! Thank you! Side note: No one has paid me…

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  1. LifeIsKhu


  2. stephnsn69

    Keep doing more ladybird tutorials pleaaaase :)?

  3. Sonia Lazaro

    That’s awesome! I will probably do some more later on after? I do a couple different tutorials using different products and whatnot. (:

  4. Sonia Lazaro

    Yeah, the ones that they? do with Pantone Universe are especially unique!

  5. TheKatieBabeh

    You should make more tutorials with the Ladybird palette. I’ve been trying out these ideas with mine, and they’re really? helping. I get so many compliments!

  6. Kmizme

    Cool. I got the ones they had this year, the all synthetic emerald green set… they are all awesome brushes – love them.? Thanks for the reply, I was just interested in the actual brush heads – they looked good, if that makes sense. I do have other Sephora brushes and love them all, they do make some really good brushes. In fact just found two other sets, like two days ago from Sephora and I’m telling you every single brush is so unique, I’m a collector and have 0 that look like these XoXoXo :)

  7. Sonia Lazaro

    That’s a great idea!? Thanks!

  8. Sonia Lazaro

    Will? do! (:

  9. Sonia Lazaro

    Thank you so? much!

  10. Sonia Lazaro

    They are actually by? Pantone Universe and Sephora! I bought a special edition set that was limited. But Sephora sells other amazing brush sets! You just have to keep an eye out for the sets that do have the color ferrules. (:

  11. Kmizme

    Please please tell me the name of the brushes you use with? the different color ferrules? PLEASE XoXo

  12. fungilemora

    I did enjoy your last video, I think it was great. You should do a? foundation routine video :3

  13. xoxSm4rt3rBeautyxox

    No ones perfect dear, you did great!? Loved all the looks :) Your eyes are so pretty!

  14. Kmizme

    You’re skills are just fine. You don’t need to? redu it, trust me. Just keep making videos, that’s all I ask :)

  15. meaganlallen

    This look turned out fantastic!? Loved it.

  16. gene green

    I love all your? looks to this pallete!

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