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24 Responses to “Ronnie Radke em LA Ink”

  1. peatmosslover

    Sadly, every day was his “high? as fuck day”.

  2. xJesseGrayx


  3. NatalieRAGES

    a tattoo of a horse? that died eating out of the trash and eating pizza….

  4. NatalieRAGES

    He was high as fuck in this. He just randomly started laughing? in the middle of his sentences….omg.

  5. Tamara yuhnj

    he must have been on SOOOO? MANY DRUGS OH MY GOD

  6. RawringRitaXD

    BEST TATTOO EVER!!!!!! Seriously? I love it!

  7. Chris Lee

    hahahaha this is hilarious. Gotta love stoned Ronny…?

  8. Chase Smeltzer

    “He don’t care what hes gettin'” of course not lmfao. Hes blown out? of his mind.

  9. thatfreekyouknow113

    what season/episode was this??

  10. thatfreekyouknow113

    Dude Ronnie was SOOO high back? then XD

  11. ryanarmstead30

    Fuckin? faggot!

  12. davidsriotgurl

    heroin will do some crazy things to even the closest of friends and? family some arent as lucky as he is but he did it and made it through all the bull shit and thats why he’s able to sit and laugh about shit like this now and its also what made him and his group so very succesful and even more known than ETF as it stands today.and TBH without what he’d experienced and went through with his addiction and jail as bad as it may or may not have been he wouldnt have insight for his kick ass lyrics

  13. kimberly burke


  14. shadyELK

    Have none? of you seen “Half Baked?”

  15. danni darko

    when he said how his horse died i was drinking water and i laughed and now water is coming out of my nose. guess thats what i get for laughing at that?

  16. RandelleOsceoolaxD

    gowd damn!!!!RONNIE WAS HIGH? AS FUCK!

  17. kadypotyther

    Ahoy butternuts?!?! Hahahahaha lmfao!!!!? :’D

  18. mistystar1999

    What episode 7 season is this?????

  19. iCorinnaa

    They don’t know Ronnie -_- he’s random, that’s why he said ahoy butternuts, and the horse? dying thing LOL

  20. lizzyscott66

    Seriously? Was? he high?

  21. rymazdaspeed

    man that girl bending over like that,id slammmm that? all day and night,damnn

  22. Kaydence Kyle

    this is the? funniest thing i have seen all day and i don’t wanna laugh but i can’t help it

  23. synergy559

    I actually judge a band itself by the music.? I judge the members for their actions.

  24. synergy559

    I actually judge a band itself by the music.? I judge the members for their actions.

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