Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation: DEMO + REVIEW ON ACNE SKIN Posted by admin on May 16th, 2013 | Comments (25) |

Finally ! A long awaited review and demo on my part ! Im so in love with this foundation ! It is everything you could ever want in a foundation ! Full Covera…

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation: DEMO + REVIEW ON ACNE SKIN”

  1. jmorozco21

    i was looking over my foundations i have nc 35 and nc 40 i think if i mix the 2 i would be nc 37 but i think i lean more? towards nc 40 would med#54 be my match or med#56?

  2. chelsNbri

    Buying this on my next payday.? Fosho. Thanks girly… You’re looking beautiful!

  3. Tania ci

    your skin looks veryyy good and i am so happy…keep? up beautiful!!!!!!!<3

  4. Danielle Calissie

    Where do you get samples? I want? to try this but not pay for it if I hate it

  5. lisa678100

    It took a lot of heart for you to strip down and do this video. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have serious hyperpigmentation issues and doubted whether this could help me, but now I’ll give it a try. I’m an NC 35, so I probably will wear the same lock it as you. I already like Kat’s med concealer, thank goodness finally? a foundation! Many thanks!

  6. katherinexforever

    You? are soo beautiful!! :)

  7. elena89504

    do you think it covers better? than the mac nc

  8. gmogartoff

    Bought it! And it covers everything! !!! :) thumbs? up

  9. msmander87

    Im? def gonna go try that now!!! 😀

  10. Jboogie098

    your making me want that brush lol… their? so expensive… do u know of an alternative??

  11. angelpwnzzz

    Holy? shit I want that stuff now

  12. mamibg87

    Thanks? for the demo!!!!

  13. chrisseyspanks

    Want that shiyt!?

  14. willwork4books90

    Oh? and I’m on Isotretinoin too!! On my 3rd month…. At least it’s getting there. Love your videos. :)

  15. willwork4books90

    I’m going to go buy it! I love Kat Von D.? My skin is pretty horrible. -_-

  16. willwork4books90


  17. elizabeth Pedroza

    Your acne got so? much better!!

  18. NayeliMilemny

    Any silicone based primer, for? example, smash box photo finish primer

  19. NayeliMilemny

    Sephora :)?

  20. NayeliMilemny

    Very free :)?

  21. katie hope

    Are the samples? free?

  22. Kendall Williams

    oh my gaaaaaawd!! thats? amazing!!

  23. superstarr93

    woah!!! im getting? this :)

  24. Mariangela M. M.

    I’m? glad the acne treatment is really working. :) So little redness compared to the foundation routine video!

  25. Rachael Graca

    Your Skin looks? amazingggggg with thay foundation on :)

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