deadmau5 feat. Kat Von D – Satellite (Demo) Posted by admin on May 11th, 2013 | Comments (15) |

the first rough draft of “satellite” … still lots of work to do, but heres the intro + 1st verse for you. :)…

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15 Responses to “deadmau5 feat. Kat Von D – Satellite (Demo)”

  1. WalkingInSpace1990

    ‘s a whore… Lol just? ask Sandra bullock.

  2. WalkingInSpace1990

    Ugh…. I fucking hate this bitch. Any whore who is engaged to a famous EDM producer can be considered? talented just by whipping up some lyrics and having an ok alto singing voice while he basically creates the music for her…. That’s all this really is an example of… I love deadmau5 but I think he’s pussy whipped over her… And I’m sorry but… She

  3. stiles05s

    I agree that maybe this song isn’t connecting perfectly just yet, but the concepts? here are pretty amazing.

  4. Anant Masih

    Kat von is? ruining this guy!!! WTF

  5. Elmeri Mikkola

    you uploaded it so fast? thank you!!

  6. Mathew Harwich

    I love your work deadmau5 but please use a REAL ORCHESTRA… String samples suck and sound bad, not gonna lie, there is a difference and Ii can tell they are? samples and it cheeses up the song. Get a real orchestra for your work with strings, that would be sickkk and you become a god.

  7. philip jamison

    Really liking? this

  8. Avril Lavigne

    Hello :)?

  9. Thekgvendetta

    In? the description of the video :)

  10. Thekgvendetta

    this is a demo so I think there will be improvements :)?

  11. jasen eberhardt

    Loved the first half. The rest could have been a? just a little better. Not bad though

  12. Scott Mercer

    can? you please give me a download link

  13. Claire Martini

    This? is so many amazing sounds put together – I really hope this style catches on :)

  14. Malik Krsic

    1:18 amazing?

  15. Tony Hawk


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